R. S. Lively – ARC Not Over You


From time to time, I will offer a more abbreviated review of an ARC (advanced reader copy) I’ve received for an honest review. This is one of those reviews.

Not Over You is a second chance at love romance. Cade and Fiona met in early teenhood. Every summer at Fiona’s grandparents’ house, Cade and Fiona became each other’s best friend. Eventually, they fell in love, but life separated them. Ten years later, Fiona and Cade are summoned to her grandparents’ country house again because Fiona’s grandmother has fallen and needs care. Much as changed in their lives, and Fiona’s heart has never healed from Cade’s heart-break. Can they remember who they were to each other in past? Will they ever move past it?

R.S. Lively’s story focuses mostly on the development of Cade and Fiona’s stories, in the present and the past. The book is written from the two viewpoints, and every few chapters, we learn more about the circumstances of the past. As a reader, you root for these two. Fiona’s grandmother plays the comic entertainment in the story alleviating the seriousness of the characters’ stories.

I will admit that I struggled with Cade and Fiona in the beginning. They seemed incredibly immature. It is understandable that Fiona would continue to hold a grudge against Cade, but their behaviors, especially Cade’s actions in the shower, did not represent mature adults. Additionally, while I appreciated the story, I found myself wondering the focus of this story. Was it Cade and Fiona’s relationship, Fiona’s grandmother’s story, Cade’s billionaire status, or the attempted assault of Fiona and Cade’s subsequent saving of her? There seemed to be a lot of variables at play in this story that sometimes muddled the overall romance.

That being said, I enjoyed the story and the characters and would recommend it.


In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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