About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Amy Dickinson aka Professor Romance. I began reading romance almost four years ago as an escape from the doldrums of life. After over a decade of grading student essays, preparing to teach classes, and being a wife and mother, I found the space of the romance community to bring respite to my life, and I haven’t looked back.

Some facts about Professor Romance:

❤️ I have been teaching incoming college students writing for almost two decades.

❤️ My favorite OG romance writer is Jane Austen. I know that’s too obvious, but it’s the truth. If she wrote it, I read it. Multiple times.

❤️ My favorite authors are numerous. My first author crush was/is Jewel E. Ann, a genius indie author who has stolen my heart. On discovering her through KU, I read her booklist in a week and a half, and I fangirled all over her Facebook group. She quickly responded, stole my heart with her kind response, and she’s been a friend ever since. I began proofreading for her almost two years ago, and she will forever be my favorite romance author because she took a chance on my skills. Even more, she writes books that excite and challenge me.

❤️ I am not a cranky reader. I obviously have my pet peeves about reading (please…don’t use “he screwed me seven ways from Sunday” in your manuscript if you can avoid it), but I generally love reading, and I love finding new to me writers. If you’re looking for someone very critical of books, this isn’t the blog for you. I hardly ever DNF a book. Instead, I seek to add an academic reading voice to the world of romance books through my reviews.

❤️ In 2023, I want to develop my editing business, so I can spend more time with books and less time reading student essays that are generally uninspired. I try, people, to inspire students to write interesting essays, but they are trained to write for a classroom, so they don’t look to inspire.

❤️ My interests are broad in the romance book community. I shy away from the paranormal sub-genre, but I have been known to try it with a compelling recommendation. This means I’m open to reading just about anything.