Krista Lakes – ARC Family Doctor’s Baby

“He was my match. We’d always been meant to be. This was fate. It was how things were supposed to be.”

Family Doctor’s Baby, probably one of the most unoriginal titles I’ve read to date, follows Jacob Taggert and Hannah O’leary. Jacob and Hannah grew up and attended school in a small town in Iowa. In high school, Jacob was the “bad boy” of the town, the son of the mayor and the police chief. Threatened with failing biology, Hannah tutors Jacob through biology, helping him succeed and subsequently graduate. At graduation, Jacob kisses Hannah and leaves town, supposedly never to see Hannah again. Hannah also leaves, attends college, and eventually becomes a nurse, working in Chicago. Now, Hannah’s father is gravely ill, and she returns home to care for her dad. She is hired as a nurse in the town’s doctor’s office. And who is the doctor in the town? The former “bad boy” Jacob Taggert. Standing in her professionalism, Hannah is the best nurse the town has ever had. However, she still carries her crush on Jacob. One night, adrenaline pumping from an emergency at the clinic, Jacob and Hannah share a passionate sexual experience. From there, a relationship progresses, but this is “small town USA” with gossips who determine the social relationships of the town. And Jacob and Hannah are fighting a battle against the gossips. Will they survive?

Now, while I enjoyed reading this book, I’m not sure that it brings anything new to the romantic trope of doctor and nurse and baby. After reading the summary of the book, I thought Jacob would be more “bad boy” than he actually was in the story. He’s chivalrous and sexy, but I thought he’d be more of a foil to Hannah. Also, the responses of the town to their relationship seemed a bit absurd. The strength of this book lies in the romance between the characters and its HEA. I would recommend reading it as an easy, uncomplicated romance. It isn’t necessarily doing anything different in the genre.


In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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