Devney Perry – Timid (Lark Cove Book 2)

In my pursuit of finding new romance authors, I’ve joined various author groups on Facebook. Several months ago, one of the groups had a giveaway for a Devney Perry book, Tattered, the story of Logan and Thea. I bought it and read it, rather gobbled it up, and fell in love with her. Perry’s story and the journey of these two characters grabbed me and pulled me into her book. After reading it, I knew I would read anything she wrote.  Immediately on finishing Tattered, I pre-ordered Timid and set my Goodbooks to “want to read” in anticipation. Impatient for the next book in the Lark Cove series, this reader was ecstatic when Timid hit her Kindle.

Timid follows the story of Jackson and Willa. Jackson’s connection to Perry’s book, Tattered, lies in his friendship with Thea. He plays a large role in Thea’s life as a surrogate uncle to Thea’s daughter, Charlie. Timid introduces more of his story. For years, Willa has endured an unrequited crush on Jackson. In fact, until Chapter One of this book, Jackson has never really “seen” or noticed Willa. One night, drunk and high, Jackson encounters Willa on a playground, walks her home, and kisses her, her first kiss. Unfortunately, the next day, it’s forgotten, and Willa decides to move on and forget Jackson. However, Jackson can’t seem to shake a vague understanding of a connection with her. Eventually, he realizes his connection, and he endeavors to make recompense for their forgotten kiss. Eventually, he wins her over, and Willa’s dream comes true when they become a couple. This being a Perry romance, though, nothing can be this simple. Jackson must face his past and the scars left behind from it. Will this allow Jackson and Willa to continue? Will they have an HEA? Those are the big questions of this story.

Characters: 💙💙💙💙💙

Character development is key to Perry’s romances She spends so much time providing us their history and motivations. In developing her characters, we are drawn to them like our closest friends. In Timid, Jackson is the most complex character.  I usually focus more on the female hero of a story, but, for me, Willa seemed a bit one-dimensional at times. She’s the saccharine of the story. Her power eventually comes in her devotion and love for Jackson, and this empowers him to find truth in his life. But Jackson is a bit more multi-dimensional in this story. One minute, you love him and his devotion to Willa. However, there are moments when you want to reach through the book and punch him. To me, that’s important for developing an interesting character. We should have strong feelings for a character. Jackson fulfills that in Timid. I loved him, I disliked him, and I felt sorrow for him too.

Story: 💙💙💙💙

I have to admit that the story of Tattered intrigued me a bit more than the one in Timid. For me, strife is important in a more serious romance, and the strife seemed a bit deeper in the first book than this one. However, this book isn’t without those moments that punch you in the gut. This happens several times in the story, and you cross your fingers and hope the characters can come back from those moments. Beyond that, the story seems fairly common for a romance: guy and girl meet, girl pines, guy realizes her worth, guy and girl come together, life happens and threatens their relationship, and everything resolves the way it should.

Sexiness Quotient: 💙💙💙

There is definitely sexual chemistry between Jackson and Willa, but, unlike other romance books, this relationship doesn’t offer too much different than most romance novels. It’s pretty typical, and I don’t believe it is the focus of this story. The sexiness is enough to satiate the appetites of most romance readers, but the storyline and characters are the meat and depth of this book.

Style: 💙💙💙💙

Perry’s style seeks to pull us through her story. Some romance authors report details plainly, some romance authors offer over-stated flowery moments, and some romance authors write with space between the details forcing the reader to fill in those spaces. Perry’s narrative flows. There are no spaces, there is no guessing, and there is no wading through too many words. It is simply enough.


I love the Lark Cove series. I have fallen in love with the characters and this community. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading about Logan and Thea in Tattered or Jackson and Willa in Timid. I just want more of Perry’s books. Her characters grab you, gut you at times, and make you fall in love with them, flaws and all. When I have more time in my reading schedule, I will definitely be reading more of her anthology because she does romance right. And I am waiting patiently for Tragic, Piper’s story. That one, I think is going to trample my heart. I hope it survives.

In love and romance,
Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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