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✍🏻 A.L. Jackson’s Love Me Today releases on Monday! Need an excerpt to get you ready? Check it out HERE! ✍🏻

NYT Bestselling Author A.L. Jackson has the prologue AND first chapter of her upcoming single dad, enemies-to-lovers romance, Love Me Today, available to read now. Coming May 29th!


Energy crackled through the dim-lit hall.

Tension binding the oxygen in attraction and need.

Every-fucking-thing I could no longer ignore as I stared at her where she hovered in front of her door.

“Caleb.” My name barely hit the air.

At the sound of it, I broke.

I crossed the space. No restraint left.

My hand dove into her hair at the side of her head, and I curled the other around her waist and tugged her against me.

We collided in a torrent of greed.

Mouths and tongues and spirits that no longer knew how to exist without the other.

We spun, gripping at each other, desperate to erase every inch of space as I kissed her.

Kissed her with a madness that burned me to the soul.

This woman who’d scored herself into the places I wasn’t supposed to let her go.

Because I knew what I brought into the lives of the people I cared about.

I knew the price they paid.  

And I should have known what touching her would cost…

Chapter One – Paisley

Leave it to me to be late, but it couldn’t be helped.

Gathering the straps of the reusable grocery bags, I slung them over my shoulder and shifted my cell to my other ear as I hustled out the automatic doors of the small grocery store.

“You know I don’t have many details,” I told my bestie Dakota as I jogged toward my old truck in the parking lot, my boots thudding hard on the pavement. I pinned my phone between my ear and shoulder so I could dig my keys from my bag. “You know Ryder got me the gig. Some cousin he doesn’t know all that well has a little girl who got her first pony, and she needs to learn how to ride it. Easy peasy.”

Extra cash in my pocket. Exactly what I needed.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to come and work with me at the café? We’re slammed this morning. I could really use the extra help.”

A small chuckle got free. “Which is why you’re wasting your time on the phone with me?”

“Hello, bestie duties. I needed to get the details before you run off to some rando stranger’s house in the middle of nowhere. You haven’t even talked to the guy. You could end up dead in a ditch somewhere. Buried in a shallow grave. Locked in an attic or basement with some freak telling you that you’re his new pet.”

I could physically feel Dakota shudder through the phone. She was so dramatic.

“You really should stop listening to true crime podcasts before you go to bed at night. Your paranoia is getting out of control. Besides, this is Ryder’s cousin we’re talking about. He isn’t going to send me to some serial killer’s house.”

At least I hoped so because it was super odd this guy had only communicated through email, all formal and calling me Ms. Dae, referring to himself as Mr. Greyson as he gave me the precise time to show at his ranch.

What a weirdo.

As far as I knew, Ryder had spent summers with him growing up, but they hadn’t seen that much of each other as adults, and the mysterious Mr. Greyson had moved into Time River about six months back. In all that time, I didn’t think anyone had ever even met the guy, which considering the size of the town we lived in, that was on the questionable side.

He had to be some kind of recluse, I guessed.

“It’s fine,” I told her. “You know Ryder wouldn’t lead me astray.”

“Okay, just text me as soon as you’re done. I want all the details. Or wait, come into the café so you can tell me face-to-face. Even better.”

A giggle slipped up my throat. “You missed me while I was away, didn’t you?”

“I won’t even try to deny it. This town was boring as crap without you.”

Regret pulled at my ribcage. The intense kind because you could never make up for time that had passed or the things you had missed. But I couldn’t wallow in the mistakes that I had made, I could only make sure I never repeated them again.

“I promise you will be bored no more,” I said like a solemn oath. “Mack’s Friday night?”

These cowgirl boots were made for dancing, and I was about to set them free.

“Um, you could not keep me away. Kayden is having a sleepover at my mom’s, and this girl is ready to get her party on.”

Dakota’s son was almost two. He’d been born while I’d been living in Arizona. It was just another thing I’d missed—being there when he was an infant, being there for my best friend.

“I can’t wait,” I told her. “I gotta run. I just picked up my grandpa’s medication and need to drop it off at his house before I head out to this interview, and I’m wicked late already.” 

“Give your grandpa a hug for me.”

“Will do. Talk to you soon, Doodle-Boo.”

“Bye, Paisley-Cakes.”

Ending the call, I yanked open the door to my old truck who I lovingly called Maybe.

Her hinges creaked in protest.

Yes, I’d named her. She’d been with me from the beginning, since I was sixteen and had scraped together enough money to buy her, and she’d been by my side through every escapade I’d embarked on ever since.

I tossed the grocery bags across the bench seat and hopped in, and I pushed myself up close to the steering wheel as I leaned in and stuffed the key into the ignition. I bounced as I gave it a little gas and cranked it over, coaxing her with sweet nothings. “That’s it. We have this. It’s you and me, Maybe. Don’t let me down now.”

She roared to life.

And I mean, roared, my old girl rumbling and chugging and vibrating like a raring beast. I caressed a hand over the weathered dash that sported a crack rivaling the Grand Canyon that ran from one side to the other, a perfect reflection of the one that ran across the windshield. “You’re so good to me.”

My phone pinged, and I glanced to the side where it was sitting on the seat.

Ryder: Don’t be late.

I rolled my eyes. As if.

Okay. Fine. I was always late.

Ryder knew me well. And truth be told, I didn’t want to make him look bad, so I pressed down on the brake as I shoved the gear into reverse.

Plus, I really needed this job. No, I really wanted this job.

I could feel the hope of it vibrating through my spirit, and I needed to get my butt in gear before I messed up this opportunity before it even started.

I glanced in the rearview mirror, squinting against the blinding rays of morning light that streaked in as the sun climbed into the endless expanse of blue Colorado sky.

All clear.

I gunned it out of the spot.

I jarred forward when Maybe banged into something from out of nowhere. The sound of grating metal was garbled by the screech that tore up my throat.

I rammed back on the brakes, holding tight to the steering wheel, blinking through the confusion, before my mind finally caught up to what had just happened.

“Crap,” I grumbled under my breath, and I tossed it into park and hopped out. I absolutely didn’t have time for this.

My boots hit the pavement, and I rounded the rear to find Maybe’s tail-end banged up against the bumper of a shiny black Range Rover.

Just freaking awesome.

The SUV was halfway out of its spot, too, and appeared to have been pulling out to head the opposite direction. The two vehicles had made impact right in the middle of the aisle.

I knelt to inspect the spot where we’d collided.

Relief gusted.

There was only a small dent and a scratch on the Rover’s bumper, and my truck didn’t have any damage at all.

It didn’t look bad. Nope, not too bad at all.

Except I was pretty sure the other driver might not agree when I felt the dark cloud descend from above.

Warily, I looked up, and my heart pitched in my chest.

I could barely make him out with the sunlight that blurred around him, the man a silhouette of darkness that towered two feet away. That didn’t mean I couldn’t feel the stone-cold eyes glaring down at me.

“Are you hurt?” His tone was completely at odds with the question.

“No. I’m fine.” It came out shakier than I’d anticipated.

Air huffed from his nose, and his deep voice was a rumble of condescension as he looked at the damage on his bumper. “I guess it’s too much to ask people to watch where they’re going.”

I pushed to standing, my words cracking with anger. “Excuse me? You ran into me.”

Okay, we’d run into each other, but if he was going to be a jerk about it…

A displeasured scoff blew from his nose, and he stepped forward.

I really hoped my eyes hadn’t actually popped out of my head when it brought him into view.

Bollocks and ballsacks.

I’d backed into an Abercrombie model.

Or maybe a Greek God reincarnated.

He glowered, his jaw and cheeks as hard as the icy blue eyes that seemed to glow from his ridiculous face. He was all sharp angles and polished stone, his lips so full and red that my tongue unconsciously stroked over mine.


Fallen angel.

That’s what he was.

A dark one who’d been booted right out of paradise for being a giant dick.

His brow lifted, his dark blond hair mostly short, cut close on the sides, but the longer pieces on top were pushed back, making him look fiercer.

My stomach twisted.

“I ran into you?” he challenged.

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Um, yes, you did. You’re clearly farther out of your spot than I am. Besides, doesn’t your fancy-ass car have some sort of warning system to keep you from crashing right into unsuspecting people?”

I flung a hand toward his showpiece, scowling hard to prove my point.

Annoyance had him readjusting the cuffs of his suit jacket.

His suit jacket.

Seriously, who was this guy and where did he come from? He was obviously lost. Men like him didn’t belong in Time River, a spec of a small town in Nowhere, Colorado.

But he wouldn’t be the first tourist to stray from the big city and onto our streets. Seeking the beauty of the plains set in a backdrop of breathtaking mountains and the gorgeous river that ran through. In the winter, the mountains would be covered by snow, but at this time of year, only the soaring peaks were painted white, the snow slowly melting as the fullness of the summer approached.

The irritation the man wore was almost palpable. “It warned me, but since you flew out of your spot without care in that monstrosity, there was no time to avert the accident.”


“How dare you call Maybe a monstrosity.” I set my hand on the tailgate like it could shield her from the slur.

Exasperation seemed to shake his head as he shifted a bit to the side, and he had the audacity to rake his teeth over that full bottom lip. He returned his potent gaze back to me, blowing out a sigh of resignation. “You know what, I don’t have time for this.”

“Like I do,” I spat, trying to ignore the buzzy power radiating from him.

It wasn’t like he was beefy or anything. Everything about him was lean and hewn, but I’d bet my ass everything under that suit was sculpted in strength. Deceptively smooth. He was the type of guy who would strike before a person even knew he was coming for them.

I propped my hands on my hips. “Do you want my insurance information or what? Or we can exchange numbers or whatever. You barely have a scratch on your car, but I’m sure you’re going to want to get it fixed.”

Like this guy would settle for anything less than perfection.

“No, I don’t want your information. I’ll handle it.”

My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know if I was offended or relieved. “I do have insurance, you know.”

“Congrats, but I think I’ll see to things for myself.”

I blinked.


Without saying anything else, he turned on his heel and strode around the side of his car, taking that dark, broody, self-righteous ego with him.

I stood there gaping at his overpowering form as he slipped into the driver’s seat, the man far too tall and powerful for anyone’s good.

He didn’t spare me a glance when he put the SUV into drive, his tires squealing as he peeled away.

“Grrr…what a freaking jerk,” I shrieked. And still, I stood there staring as he took off onto Manchester, the main street that ran through Time River.

The second his SUV disappeared, I tore myself out of the trance he had me under and hightailed my ass back to the driver’s side of my truck and climbed inside. I shoved it back into reverse the way I’d done before I’d been so rudely interrupted and finished pulling out of the spot, then I shifted into drive and gunned it.

Sorry Ryder, now I really was going to be late.

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, BLEEDING STARS, FIGHT FOR ME, CONFESSIONS OF THE HEART, FALLING STARS, and REDEMPTION HILLS novels. Watch out for her upcoming stand-alone, LOVE ME TODAY, releasing May 29th!

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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Excerpt/Sneak Peek

✍🏻 Adriana Locke’s Flaunt is coming FAST. Want a little nibble of Banks? Check out this excerpt! ✍🏻



Release Date: June 2nd

Genre/Tropes: Roommate-to-Lovers / Blue Collar / Small-Town Romance


Flaunt by USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke is coming June 2nd!

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“Banks!” Ashley calls, stopping me in my tracks.

What?” I groan and face her again. “Call someone else. Whatever it is, call someone else to help her. I’ll even pay for it. It’ll be cheaper than the therapy I’ll have to endure after seeing her.”

“She needs help.”

I cross my arms over my chest. “Oh, I know that. I rode with her all the way to Orlando and back to pick up someone’s shit when they moved in with Maddox.”

She sighs.

I sigh back at her.

We watch one another. Neither of us says a word. But Sara? Sara says lots of words, many of which can be heard through the phone dangling in Ashley’s hand from across the room.

If Sara had called and asked for my help, I wouldn’t answer. The woman is hell on wheels. She’s headstrong and thinks she knows everything. Her aversion to physical labor is astounding.

If I’m water, she’s oil—oil that hasn’t been changed in a hundred-thousand miles. And I’m basically holy water, so it’s a no-go.

But it’s not Sara who’s asking for my help. It’s Ashley. And Ashley is family.

Oh, fuck my life.

I blow out a long, hasty breath.

“I’ll let you come over for dinner tomorrow, too,” Ashley says, luring me in with her fluttery lashes.

Still, I hold strong and think it through.

Even if I put up an argument and do my best to resist her pleas for help, I’ll give in. Arguing will only delay the inevitable. At worst, Ashley will call Maddox, and he’ll call me, asking me to go. And I can’t say no to Maddox because he never says no to me.

Except for the spiders.

Three dinners,” I say. “And movie nights with you guys every Saturday for a month.”

She grins and thrusts the phone my way.

I take it, glaring at her. It only makes her giggle.

I sigh again, just to set the stage. Can’t let Sara think I’m happy about this.

“Hi, giant pain in the ass,” I say.

“Thinking about my ass again, I see.”

This is gonna suck.


Looking for a Fake Fiancé

Have you ever wanted to prove someone wrong so badly that you could taste it?

It doesn’t matter if they’re right. The fact that they had the audacity to say it is what counts.

Hi. It’s me. I’m that person.

The man I’ve been casually seeing told me I’m not “wife material” and should “lower my expectations”. Didn’t he realize I lowered them the moment I met him for dinner?

Obviously not.

Am I petty? Maybe. Annoyed? Of course. Determined? Definitely.

I need someone to help me flaunt my new engagement—my fiancé couldn’t wait to pop the question because I’m that amazing—in his face.

The problem? I don’t have a boyfriend, let alone a husband-to-be.

Which brings us to you.

Are you handsome? Successful? A smooth talker extraordinaire?

Are you willing to do all the things that someone madly in love would do?

Putting your hand on the small of my back. Forehead kissing. Acting like I’m a treasure you can’t live without. I need you to be prepared to do all those things … and maybe more.

What do you get out of this? I’m willing to negotiate terms—especially if they include a job and a place to stay. It’s a long story.

One night. One event. Let’s put on one heck of a show.

From USA Today and Amazon Charts Bestselling author comes a “hot and hilarious!” fake-dating tale between two frenemies that turn into roommates, coworkers, and, ultimately, lovers. Fans of close proximity, one-bed trope, and blue-collar, small-town heroes will fall madly in love with this story.

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling author, Adriana Locke, writes contemporary romances about the two things she knows best—big families and small towns. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love with the perfect combination of heart, heat, and humor.

She loves connecting with readers, fall weather, football, reading alpha heroes, everything pumpkin, and pretending to garden.

Hailing from a tiny town in the Midwest, Adriana spends her free time with her high school sweetheart (who she married over twenty-five years ago) and their four sons (who truly are her best work). Her kitchen may be a perpetual disaster, and if all else fails, there is always pizza.

Learn more at adrianalocke.com.

Connect w/Adriana:

Website: https://adrianalocke.com

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✍🏻 Ooohhhh…who’s ready for Catherine Cowles’s Echoes of You? Check out this sneak peek! ✍🏻

💜Echoes of You Sneak Peek💜

USA Today bestseller, Catherine Cowles, has a sneak peek of her upcoming friends-to-lovers, small town romance, Echoes of You, coming May 2nd!


His fingers found the buttons on my shirt, though he paused for a moment, silently asking for permission.

I nodded, my heart hammering against my ribs. A million different emotions warred inside me. Want, anxiety, excitement, fear. But most of all, hope. For this moment. For us.

Nash’s fingers deftly unfastened each button. But he seemed to be in no hurry. My hands lifted to the top buttons to help the process along.

“Don’t.” His voice was all husky smoke.


“Because I’ve been dreaming of peeling the clothes from your body for as long as I can remember. And I’m going to enjoy every damn second.”

My eyes flared as my hands fell back to the mattress. “Oh.”

Nash leaned over me, his lips skimming the column of my neck. “I’ve dreamt of how this skin would feel. How it would taste. I’ve come to pictures of you in my mind more times than I can count. And I know the real thing will ruin me forever. But it’ll be so damn worth it.”

My breaths came in short pants, my fingers fisting in the sheets. “Nash…”

 He pulled back, moving from button to button. “Hmm?”

 His focus was zeroed in on each expanse of skin my parted shirt revealed as if it were the most riveting sight he’d ever seen. Nash’s thumb circled my belly button. It was the most innocent of movements, but it had everything in me drawing up and winding tighter.


Nash unbuttoned another clasp. “Don’t rush me.”

I squirmed in place, a million curses on the tip of my tongue. But two could play this game. I ran my bare foot up the inside of his leg from his calf to his thigh to what stood at attention between us.

“Maddie…” he growled.

I grinned. “What? If you get to touch, I get to touch.” I stroked Nash through his sweatpants.

The sound that slipped from his lips wasn’t altogether human. Nash took both sides of my blouse and tugged. The remaining buttons went flying across the room.

I gaped at him. “You did not just do that.”

Nash grinned as he slid the blouse down my arms. As the fabric parted more, he stilled, his gaze zeroing in on the kaleidoscope of colors on my side.

I swallowed. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

His fingers lightly skimmed the marred skin, then he bent and ghosted his lips over the fading bruises. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there. That I didn’t—”

I grabbed Nash’s tee and gave a hard tug. “No. It’s not on you. And he doesn’t get a place here. Not when it’s you and me. Not when I finally have what I’ve wanted all these years.”

Nash took my mouth in a long, slow kiss. “It’s you and me.”

“Always you and me,” I whispered against his lips.

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About Catherine Cowles

Writer of words. Drinker of Diet Cokes. Lover of all things cute and furry, especially her dog. Catherine has had her nose in a book since the time she could read and finally decided to write down some of her own stories. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring her home state of Oregon, listening to true crime podcasts, or searching for her next book boyfriend.

Connect with Catherine

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2IEQXSw

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✍🏻 Penelope Ward’s Toe The Line is coming next week. Check out this sneak peek and preorder your copy of it today. ✍🏻

Title: Toe the Line
Author: Penelope Ward
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Trope: Friends-to-Lovers
Release Date: February 27, 2023
From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward comes a friends-to-lovers story spanning more than a decade…

At first, I thought I’d hate spending the summer with Archie Remington—the conceited son of my parents’ friends.
What I knew about Archie: he was gorgeous, pre-law, and had always treated me like I didn’t exist when we were younger.
When our families bought a house together on an island in Maine, he and I were forced to share a bathroom.
The boy I remembered was now a full-grown man—but with the same attitude.
After a rough start, Archie and I unexpectedly started getting along one day and eventually became friends. We shared secrets and bonded during our morning jogs. I discovered that Archie had a wild spirit and that he struggled to conform to his father’s expectations.
Things were cool until I had to go and ruin it, getting drunk one night, and blurting out my fantasy—involving him.
I took it back, but it was too late. Archie had heard me loud and clear. After that, we never quite knew how to toe the line.
When that summer came to an abrupt and shocking end, I headed back to college, unsure if anything would ever be the same again.
Across the miles over the years, he and I stayed in touch as friends, but fate and timing always kept us from becoming more.
You know the saying: If two people are meant to be, they’ll find their way back to each other?
Let’s just say Archie came back into my life in a way I would’ve never expected.
And this time, my heart would really be put to the test.
**No Amazon e-book preorder. 
Will go live on/around release day
Copyright © 2022 Penelope Ward
Mixing alcohol with nostalgia, it turns out, is not always the wisest choice.
When Archie and I returned to the house that night, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Neither of us was tired enough to sleep. But the alcohol from the beers at the beach and the wine he’d opened once we got back home was going to my head fast. I could no longer be trusted with my words.
Archie took out the chocolate cake he’d made earlier and placed it on the counter. We both began eating it—with our bare hands. It was a mess, and I likely had chocolate all over my face. So this is how it ends, huh? I suppose it could be worse.
“I had so much fun tonight,” he said with his mouth full. “You?”
“It was awesome. Reminded me of the old days.” I licked chocolate off the corner of my mouth.
Archie’s eyes fell to my lips. “Seven years ago sometimes feels like yesterday, and other times like forever ago, doesn’t it?”
When I felt my eyes starting to well up, I knew that was my cue. I never wanted to leave Archie’s side, but I needed this weekend to be over before I lost it in front of him. “Anyway, we’d better go to bed,” I told him. “We both have early flights in the morning.”
I hopped down from my stool and rushed over to the sink to wash my hands. I hadn’t intended to make eye contact with him again because I didn’t want him to notice my eyes. Then again, he was a little drunk, too, so not sure how perceptive he would be.
Then I felt his presence nearby.
“I have so many regrets,” he said from behind me.
I turned to face him and swallowed. “Regrets about what?”
He had chocolate cake on his face, but somehow he’d never looked hotter.
“Everything,” he whispered. “With you.” He paused. “What we did and what we didn’t do. The way that summer ended. Everything.”
“Why are you bringing this up now?”
“Because I’m fucking drunk, I guess. I don’t know.” He pulled on his hair. “You look so goddamn beautiful right now.” His eyes were hazy as he murmured, “It hurts to look at you.”
My tears felt ready to fall. I couldn’t let that happen. “Keep that shit to yourself,” I muttered.
“We never talk about it, Noelle. We talk about everything else except the massive elephant in the room—the things we did that summer, what almost happened before—”
“Stop.” I sniffled. “You’re only bringing it up because you’re drunk. This is not a healthy way to discuss anything.”
“Maybe.” Archie leaned against the center island and placed his head in his hands. He went silent for a long time. “You were with Shane for like…forever. I thought you were gonna marry that guy. And I thought you were happy. I never thought you’d break up with him.” He looked down at the floor. “I kept waiting and…”

Waiting? He was waiting for things to end between Shane and me?

“I’m sorry…” He shook his head. “You’re right. I need to stop.”
Nothing good could come of two people with a ton of unspoken baggage trying to work things out while drunk. I could’ve poured out all of my feelings. I could have chosen to complicate his already-complicated life—turned it into a goddamn soap opera. But I loved him too much. I loved him. So I wouldn’t do that.
“Goodnight, Archie. Get some sleep.”
I left him standing in the kitchen next to a chocolate cake that looked like it had been ravaged by wild animals.
Then I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.
Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling
author of contemporary romance.
She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a
television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son,
and beautiful daughter with autism.
With over two million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen
languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.

Excerpt/Sneak Peek

✍🏻 Catherine Cowles’s newest romance, Whispers of You, is DIVINE. This story kept me on the edge of my seat and Cowles salved the story’s pain with a gorgeous second-chance romance. ✍🏻

💙Whispers of You Sneak Peek💙

USA Today bestseller, Catherine Cowles, has a sneak peek of her upcoming second-chance, small-town romance, Whispers of You, coming January 31st!


Wren opened the door to reveal a massive Husky with the most piercing blue eyes standing guard in front of her. The dog’s gaze went from Lawson to me and back again. 

Wren’s head jerked in my direction. “What are you doing here?”

Lawson winced. “Sorry. He overheard the call. There was no stopping him.” 

My eyes traced the trails that tears had left on Wren’s cheeks. Some ended on her chin, while others streaked down her neck. Marks that I had put there. 

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” 

Wren stared at me for the count of three. “I’m fine. Really.” 

Lawson cleared his throat. “Can you show me where you found the shoe print?”

She nodded, motioning around the house. “I was in the hall with Shadow. I had just hung up with Grae and heard what I thought was a twig snap. Shadow growled, which she doesn’t usually do unless she’s warning me that she heard something.” 

“Did you hear anything other than the twig snapping? Voices? Footsteps?” Lawson asked. 

Wren shook her head. “Nothing…” 

Her voice trailed off in a way that had me picking up my pace. “What is it?”

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About Catherine Cowles

Writer of words. Drinker of Diet Cokes. Lover of all things cute and furry, especially her dog. Catherine has had her nose in a book since the time she could read and finally decided to write down some of her own stories. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring her home state of Oregon, listening to true crime podcasts, or searching for her next book boyfriend.

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Scoring Off the Ice, an all-new single dad sports romance, guaranteed to bring all-the-feels, by Stacey Lynn is releasing April 7th, and we have the first sneak peek!

Sneak Peek:

My thighs burn from the quick movements. I probably shouldn’t have put in the extra time once I arrived back home, but I’m determined to be the best. Always. Despite the sacrifice. Still, I need ice, a heating pad, and a gallon of water to rehydrate.

I reach the front door, tighten my fist at my hip where my towel sits and fling the door open.

“What is wrong?”

The pretty girl I have seen ducking inside her apartment across the hall whips around. Her blonde hair comes first, tied back at her neck and her green eyes are huge.

She is so pretty. No. That word does not say enough. She is verkelig smuk. Very beautiful. Vidunderlig.

Immediately catching my gaze is a squished up, red face, with huge dark eyes and an odd-shaped nose. That is all I can see peeking out from beneath a blue and white striped hat.

I have never seen her with him before. She seems so young. Around my age, I thought. My mouth drops open and I point. “You have a baby?”

She is snuggling the baby close to her and at my words, she moves the baby away. Her expression changes into something I don’t like. Not even a little bit.

It feels like doom.

Like the look on my father’s face the day I didn’t make the junior league hockey team despite being the only kid my age invited to tryout—two years younger than anyone else.

That look should not be so familiar on a stranger.

Whatever it is. It is not good.

“No,” she says. It’s the first word she’s ever spoken to me other than hello, but it’s as pretty as the rest of her. “I think… well, I think he’s yours?”

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Sometimes scoring off the ice leads to the greatest rewards.

I’ve had only one goal in life since I first strapped on a pair of skates—make America’s pro hockey league.

I left Denmark. I made it to the top. Now, I’m determined to be the best. No distractions. I eat, sleep, and breathe hockey.

Until my birthday when my teammates convince me to live a little.
But living a little takes on a whole new meaning when less than a year later I’m confronted with a crying baby on my doorstep, drooling on a note that declares he’s mine.

Suddenly, I’m a single dad in way over my head.
There is no playbook for situations like this.

Luckily, I have Paisley.
My gorgeous neighbor, my long-time crush, and now—my savior.
She’s there any time I need her.
Helping. Guiding. Gazing at me with those green eyes that make me feel capable of this after all.

With her at my side, I’m quickly learning there’s more to life than winning a hockey game.

SOTI - PO.jpg

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Meet Stacey Lynn:

Stacey Lynn 2019Stacey Lynn likes her coffee with a dash of sugar, her heroes with a side of bossy, and her wine a deep shade of red.

The author of over thirty romance novels, many of which have been best-selling titles on Amazon, AppleBooks, and Barnes & Noble, she loves being able to turn her vivid imagination into a career that brings entertainment and joy to her readers. Focused on sports romance and emotional, small-town romance, she also loves stretching herself in different genres.

Born in Texas and raised in the Midwest, she now makes her home in North Carolina and loves all things Southern. Together with her ultimate tall, dark, and handsome hero, she has four children. Her life is a chaotic mess that fights with her Type-A, list-making, neurotically organized preferences and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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