✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4.5 ⭐️ Review: Meghan Quinn’s Right Man Right Now ✍🏻

Overall Grade: 4.5 ⭐️

Tropes: fake relationship; age-gap romance; sports romance; hockey romance; broken hero; fearless heroine

I am in love with Silas Taters, the broken hero of Meghan Quinn’s newest hockey romance, Right Man Right Time. The third book of her Vancouver Agitators series, I’m certain this newest story is my favorite. You might ask why.

  1. I’m a fiend for a broken hero. And Silas Taters is a broken man, complete with fortified walls against emotional attachments and a short fuse ignited by the thoughts of his cheating ex-girlfriend. Silas is a man who takes life a bit too seriously which means that Meghan Quinn must surround his character with people who add humor to his life. Even more, Silas is one of her dirtiest MMCs to date. 
  2. Enter the FMC of Right Man Right Time: Ollie. Even her name inspires a smile. She is exactly the heroine for Silas because, even though she is ten years younger than him, she brings light and life to his focused, sterile, protective life. From their first unexpected kiss, Quinn writes them as necessary for each other. She challenges and titillates him and makes him break down his emotional walls. I loved Ollie from the moment she decided to engage in a fake relationship of convenience with him. When he “forgets” her at their first hockey event because he’s fixated on his ex, my heart broke for Ollie. When she reminded him of his promise not to leave her side and she breaks down in front of him, my heart melted for her. I cheered for her when she stood up to his ex Sarah because Sarah was taking liberties with Silas. As much as I loved Silas, Ollie is the magic of their coupledom.
  3. Besides Ollie, Posey adds more light to Silas’s life as he jockeys within his “relationship” with Ollie. When Ollie isn’t providing humor, Posey is, acting as a break from Silas’s seriousness. Pacey, Hornsby, and Holmes add to Silas’s characterization in the same way, but Posey is necessary to ameliorate the pain of Silas’s characterization and offers respite from his angst and anger.
  4. Quinn’s recent books, including Right Man Right Time, are straight-up steamfests. When Silas and Ollie finally acknowledge and act upon their attraction, Quinn teases it in some of the spiciest physical scenes. These are combustible, and Quinn metes it out in sections of chapters throughout her book, turning up the heat with each new scene. It’s everything you love woven into an emotional, humorous romance.

Don’t miss Silas and Ollie. Right Man Right Time is my current favorite Vancouver Agitators…but there is always Holmes. I’m ready for his story, but I’m okay with Silas holding the title for now. 

In love and romance,

Professor A