✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 5 ⭐️ Review: Max Monroe’s The Redo ✍🏻

Overall Grade: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Have you ever read an entire series, finished the last book, and felt let down because the final book didn’t leave the series on a high note? Fear not, friends. That is NOT the case with Max Monroe’s The Redo, the final book of their Winslow Brothers’ series. In fact, I will state it plainly here: it’s my favorite of the four. If I had to put the Winslow Brothers in order (they would both love and hate this. Jude would brag, believing he had the best story, while Ty jibes him that his is the best. Flynn would stay silent and judge Jude and Ty, caring little for my thoughts on his story, and Remy would tell them all to shut up and let me speak.). For me, my favorite stories in order belong to Remy, Flynn, Jude, and finally, Ty (oh how he’d hate that).

Remy and Maria’s story embodies the best of the Winslow family. Remy is a natural protector, borne in his father’s absence. The way that he looks over Maria absolutely melts your heart. Fate brings them together so that Maria has the support missing in her life. As Remy steps in and cares for her, you would think that their relationship would be uneven, However, Max Monroe have carefully constructed Remy and Maria’s relationship with Maria caring for Remy protectively as well. Remy and Maria are suited: they laugh, cry, and find joy in each other. Maria is a veritable heroic beast in her own right. I won’t share her story, but she’s the type of heroine who makes you proud to be a woman. And Remy is her perfect partner.

Max Monroe take their time in developing the relationship, however. Putting a name on their relationship creates a relationship slowburn. Physically, though, their chemistry is too combustible to make them wait too long. Using the past and present to tell Remy and Maria’s second chance at love story, Max Monroe have deftly plotted out Maria and Remy’s romance. Max Monroe warned of the girth of this story; however, nothing is extraneous with this book. It is precisely as it should be.

This story, along with the other books in the series, has quickly become one of my favorite series. It has some of the seriousness of The Girl in the Painting (my fav Max Monroe), and it has Max Monroe’s trademark humor. However, where the humor of their other stories sometimes feels canned and a bit obvious, The Redo’s humor isn’t as obvious. There is a sweetness to Remy and Maria’s journey that feels perfect for them. Instead, Max Monroe have carefully crafted humorous moments that match Remy and Maria’s journey. There is a specific carnival experience that made me laugh out loud. And the bonus epilogue is a wonderful mix of sentimentality and comicality. In fact, this is one of my favorite bonus epilogues, wrapping up this series beautifully.

Max Monroe’s The Redo is an apt reminder that a well-told second chance romance is heaven. Remy and Maria’s story will leave you with a huge book hangover. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the Winslow clan, I believe Max Monroe left us with one heck of a series from start to finish.

In love and romance,

Professor A