new release

✍🏻 Happy Release Day for Kristen Ashley! The Girl in the Woods is LIVE!!✍🏻

Do you love…

πŸ’™ an MMC who looks like Henry Cavill and has the character qualities of Clark Kent

πŸ’™ an FMC who is a boss bitch with a FABULOUS wardrobe and home

πŸ’™ a twisty, turny story of romantic suspense

πŸ’™ a quirky small town that acts as the backdrop of the story

If so, RUN! Grab A Girl in the Woods TODAY! I finished it this morning because I couldn’t put it down.

This body would be the last for Zachariah Lazarus…

The Crystal Killer’s latest casualty was discovered in a sleepy town in the Pacific Northwest, Misted Pines.

His years in the FBI, and tracking the Crystal Killer, have taken their toll on Rus. He lost his marriage to the job. And the burdens he carries for the victims were crushing him.

Misted Pines has recently survived a killer’s rampage and a town scandal that made global news. The media was primed to devour a new story. So Rus already has his work cut out for him.

But it’s more.

Something is just not right with this latest victim.

As Rus works with the local sheriff to unravel the mystery, the victim’s employer, Lucinda Bonner, decides she’s going to do everything she can to help.

To help Rus find the killer. To help Rus survive the hunt. To help Rus navigate the intricate, and sometimes sordid, history of the town of Misted Pines.

And to help Rus let go of his burdens.

Grab your copy of THE GIRL IN THE WOODS!

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