✍🏻 Jolie Vines’s next book in her Wild Scots series is LIVE. Run and grab Fallen Snow. You will fall in love with Viola and Leo. βœπŸ»

Fallen Snow (Wild Scots, #4)

Jolie Vines

Tropes: rock star romance, second chance romance, kick a$$ snowboarding champ heroine who might be more famous than her sweetheart

Status: standalone with a swoony HEA.

Preorder discount price set at $2.99 (will rise directly after launch)

Buy link:Β mybook.to/WildScots4Β 


Fallen Snow (Wild Scots, #4)

Hot rock star meets injured snowboarder. Even broken hearts can melt.


After a hit and run, my gold medal dreams are forced on hold. I can’t walk, let alone snowboard, and a wheelchair is my new way to get around.

Everything I worked for has been destroyed.

Then the world’s number one rock star strides into my life.

He’s staying in my castle and working with my family. I know he remembers the kiss we shared years ago, but Leo’s no longer the same man. Gone are the sexy smirks and chilled out vibe. I know why, and I want to hold him close and make him forget. How can I help him when I can’t even help myself?


I might be famous, but notoriety can’t fix a shattered heart. I’m alone in the world and drowning, except my contract calls for new songs, and soon.

I have to find my muse again.

Years ago, Viola McRae inspired my greatest hit. But now, she’s as damaged on the outside as I am on the inside. She’s wildly gorgeous, vulnerable, and I could so easily tap that hurt and turn it into song.

Yet saving my career could mean exposing Viola’s pain to the world. I might be damaged beyond repair, but can I really use Viola when that will only leave her more broken?

Fallen Snow features one hot rock star, a grumpy laid-up sportswoman, a remote Scottish castle, and asteamy-as-heck second chance romance.


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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