Review: Dylan Allen’s The Legend

So what is a legend? In one instance, a legend is a mythological story caught in the annals of time, morphing and revising over time. In other ways, a legend is a person, built so high above a pedestal of other’s expectations. And in other instances, a legend is a fairy tale people construct to deepen the meaning of a simple story, replete with villains and saviors. Dylan Allen’s The Legend holds all of these legends as it tells the twenty year second-chance love story of Kal and Remi.

It is a story of a Houston enclave built on the mythology of the intersection of two families, the Rivers and the Wildes.

It is a story of Remi and Kal, one known as The Legend and other known as the muse to The Legend.

Most importantly, it is a fairy tale of a soul-deep love between two people whose love morphs and grows and fills each other’s lives.

Above all else, this is the story of learning to love yourself deeply and accepting truth over the legend you’ve been told.

This story is angsty. There were many times when I had to push through the story because I knew the reward would be greater than the heart-pounding, gut-wrenching story. There were many, many moments like this in The Legend. If you love that soul-churning type of story, this is your book. The story twists through the legend of the Rivers and Wilde families. When you think you have everything figured out, you come to the end of a chapter, recognizing there is much more to know. The Legend offers some resolution to the story started in the first book in the Rivers Wilde series, The Legacy, so it feels complete…until the end when Dylan Allen hits you with the premise for the next book, The Jezebel (yes, it is already on my TBR on GoodReads).

Kal and Remi are a special couple. Yes, I fell in love with Hayes and Confidence in the first book, but my heart connected more with Kal and Remi, especially Remi. I think I see myself in his character a bit. Like Remi, my biological father left my life when I was young, never to return. This laid a heavy burden on me, unknown in my childhood. I didn’t feel it until adulthood. Missing out on understanding how a parent turns away from their child changes your heart, adding a scar where it was broken. When certain realizations come to Remi, and he finds truth outside of the legend of his father, he is more whole than ever before. And in that moment, I empathized with him. I felt his truth and wished it was my own.

There is something incredibly special about Dylan Allen’s stories. She has this way about crafting story and characters that grab your heart. She makes me want to know them in real life.

When we leave this book, the legends of this book have been re-written, overlaid with the truth. That truth is no legend can live up to the truth of a soul-deep love.

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In love and romance,

Professor A



I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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