Review: Sexy Little Sinner

Psssttt…I have a confession. I am a BIG J. Kenner fan. I fell in love with her, thanks to her Stark series, and I am slowly moving through her Stark Universe of books. When I saw the chance to read and review for her newest book, Sexy Little Sinner, I jumped at the chance.

Sexy Little Sinner is the third book in the Blackwell-Lyon series. You do not need to have read the first two, although context is always nice when reading a series. This story follows Kerrie and Connor. Kerrie is the younger sister of Connor’s partner at Blackwell-Lyons, a high-tech security/investigative company. The issue with Kerrie and Connor is age. Connor is fourteen/fifteen years older than Kerrie, and he does not want to hold her back in life. The story begins months after their break-up when Connor decided that his age would cause Kerrie to give up aspects of her life later down the road. As she privileged their friendship, she agreed to the break-up even though she did not agree with his reasons for it. Unfortunately, their chemistry and connection are not abating, and the two struggle to maintain their professionalism and friendship. Eventually, Kerrie makes the decision to forgo a friendship which is quickly undermined when Kerrie and Connor must go undercover to catch a notorious billionaire accused of criminal wrongdoings. This undercover assignment involves a weekend-long $ex party. Will Kerrie and Connor survive the weekend, or will it destroy any type of relationship between the two?

This is what I love most about this story. It is uncomplicated. It reads more novella than novel, and the angst is minimal. J. Kenner has this way of getting in and out of a story with your heart intact. You feel for the characters of the story, but you don’t find yourself brow-beaten by every horrible thing that can go wrong with them. This is the case with Connor and Kerrie’s story. Now, that being said, I did want to reach through my iPad and smack Connor upside the head. It took him most of the story to move beyond his worries about age. Even more, his reasons were absurd in the grand scheme of a life worth living. Thankfully, he has an epiphany at just the right time.

If you like a short and sweet, well-written story, with characters you can love, then you really ought to read Sexy Little Sinner (and the prior two). It’s a nice afternoon read that adds a little sizzle to your day.


In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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