Review: L.K. Shaw’s Black Light: Possession

Since my first Black Light novel, (theoretically Livia Grant’s Infamous Love, but Black Light: Rocked might hold this title), I’ve been hooked. Initially, it had more to do with the triad of Chase, Jaxon, and Emma. I have a dirty little interest in MMF romances (partly because I don’t understand how they truly work in practice…not judging). However, in reading these books, you are drawn into the individual characters who frequent Black Light, a BDSM club. The way that individual authors (yes, there is some oversight of these authors) create the stories and twine them into other authors’ stories in the series intrigues me. I love when characters from other stories play into the existing story/book. This is the case with the Black Light series.

We are now in Season 2 of the Black Light series, and L.K. Shaw’s book, Black Light: Possession, is the most recent fare. I received an ARC of it for an honest review.

With this book, we find ourselves back in D.C. at the original Black Light. The latter part of Season 1 found us in the newest version of it in LA. And I loved going back to the original in this book. It feels like going home again. This time around, we meet Joseph, Nathaniel, and Madeline. Joseph and Nathaniel work together at the FBI. They are equal parts “yin and yang” with Joseph as the tender, but stern dominant and Nathaniel as more brash and unemotional. They are Doms together, searching for their perfect submissive. They are looking for an amazing night at Black Light, but they are also looking for a life-long partner to fulfill their triad. Madeline has recently moved to DC, as a way to escape a stalker and find a fresh new start after a disappointing break-up with her former Dom. She simply needs something new. Her friend, Gareth, is a DM at Black Light, and he introduces her to this new club. From the beginning, she is enthralled. This is further escalated when she meets Joseph and Nathaniel on her first night. From the start, the chemistry between the three is fire, so much so that Joseph knows that Madeline is “the one” for him and Nathaniel. However, they need to explore the relationship further before fully committing to it.

A few days after her evening at Black Light, it becomes apparent that Madeline’s stalker has followed her to DC. The letters she receives from the stalker match similar letters in a case that Joseph and Nathaniel are working related to a serial killer. On investigating the letter, they realize the Madeline is the intended target. Very quickly, the relationship between the three becomes about protecting Madeline at all costs. Will they realize a life-long commitment, or is Madeline in danger of losing her life? You need to read this book.

What I love most about L.K. Shaw’s book is the ease of the relationship of the characters. There is no dawdling in moving these characters together. They meet on the first night at Black Light, and they spend the rest of their time together in the story. There is no angst about their “throupling.” Instead, the serial killer and stalker investigation play a large part in their story. This is THE strife to their relationship. Madeline is a good submissive. She doesn’t push back on Joseph and Nathaniel very much, so they can love her easily. Also, the “time between the sheets” with these three will leave you fanning yourself.

Even more, Nathaniel, who carries some emotional baggage from his youth, undergoes a change due to this burgeoning relationship. I personally love, in a romance, when characters who are seemingly closed off emotionally bloom feelings because they are loved fully. Reading the emotional softening of Nathaniel in this story adds another layer to it.

I enjoyed these characters and their relationship. Even more, it felt like “old home” week at Black Light. If you haven’t read this series, and you like BDSM elements in your romance, then you should read this series and this book. It is indeed worthy of your time.


In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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