Review: Provoke, the 1st book in Olivia Ryann’s Protect series

Following on the heels of her Cherish series comes the newest series, the Protect series. This series begins with Provoke, the first book, and follows the oldest brother, Dryas, of the Aetos brothers from the Cherish series. We leave him in the Cherish series having made a devastating decision (I won’t spoil it – read the Cherish series). As he works to put the pieces of his life together, we find him chasing after Father Derrik, the murderer of a woman he cared for in the past. He is driven to take from Father Derrick in the same way that Father Derrik took this woman from him.

Parallel to Dryas’s story is the story of Rue, a woman who lives in a convent with her sister following their parents’ deaths. We find out that she is betrothed to be married through an arrangement made between Father Derrik and the Prince of Montenegro. While most would consider this an advantageous marriage, something seems untoward about it.

Through his investigation into Father Derrik, Dryas finds out about the proposed marriage, and a plan is hatched to interrupt Father Derrik’s plans. What will happen? We, the readers, have to wait for the second book to find out.

Olivia Ryann loves to set us up with a quick book at the beginning of her series. As she did with the Cherish series, she gives us a brief prelude to the next book. This book is quick, 6 chapters, but we get the background of the story so we are prepared for Book 2.

To be honest, I liked Provoke far more than I did the first book of the Cherish series. I was instantly engaged in the characters. Even more, I was curious to see how Dryas was dealing with his action from the last book of the prior series. Apparently, he feels some level of remorse. I wonder, however, if this will last as the story progresses.

What we know about the three Aetos brothers is they will do anything at any cost to get what they want. It appears that Dryas will stop at nothing to rain retribution down on Father Derrik. The question remains…will Rue be the collateral damage for Dryas’s revenge?

I’m ready for this story and this series.

Overall: 5 stars

In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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