Bella Love-Wins – ARC Cards of Love Nine of Swords

“Whatever the cause, I like it. He’s my king. I’m his pet. And nothing will change that, even our being apart.”

Okay, I have been looking forward to the Cards of Love series. Bella Love-Wins novella, Nine of Swords, is the second book I have read of this series. Thankfully, I received an ARC of it after requesting one, and again, like Leah Holt’s the Queen of Pentacles, it is a little nugget of tasty romance. I will say that the only downfall to this series is the book type, the novella. For each of these books, I have wanted more. And I think that’s great as it means the story is compelling, and the characters engage the reader.

The Nine of Swords involves the characters, Blade and Sydney. Sydney’s parents are killed in front of her at the age of ten. She vows retribution upon the man responsible for killing her parents. One day, after the training of her life, she completes her mission; however, this puts a target on her back, or so she thinks. Instead, we find that Sydney’s family history places the figurative target on her. While she is capable of protecting and defending herself, an unknown person hires Blade to offer her more protection. From his first sight of her, he feels an attraction to her. Once he introduces himself to her, and he protects her from a serious threat, they give in to their attraction. This leads to further complications, and they must spend their future protecting their gift.

There is so much to like in this story. To begin, Sydney is a bad-ass woman. Any woman with her past could have easily fallen victim to grief from the tragedy that befalls her in her childhood. Instead, she uses the death of her parents to change her future, building skills to protect herself. Even Blade recognizes her capacity to protect herself. She is strong and determined and everything you want to read in a book heroine.

And Blade. Well, he’s impressive. Clearly, he is physically attracted to her from the outset. This is where I wish there was more book space because I’d like to see the development of the emotional/spiritual component of their relationship. However, he is the typical alpha dominant, ready to allow Sydney to be protected and fulfilled in the bedroom.

As I stated above, this series makes it so difficult for its readers because we want more development in the space of a novella. We get a little bit of the anonymous threat to Sydney, but it requires a full-length novel to flesh out that story. If I have to be disappointed with anything in this story, it’s that. I simply want more Blade, more Sydney, and more story.

However, for a quick bite of frisky romance, this book does not disappoint.

Overall: 4 Delicious Stars

In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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