Olivia Ryann – ARC Covet

“He’s just…like he is. Passionate, enraging, and completely fucking insane. And me? I’m just the naive little girl who happens to be owned by him.”

Covet is the third book in Olivia Ryann’s dark mafia captive romance series. This book continues the saga of Katherine Carolla (Fiore) and Arsen (“Monster”). At the conclusion of Ryann’s last book, Control, Fiore has fallen from a cliff. We are literally with a cliffhanger. This book begins where that left off. It isn’t a spoiler, per se, that Fiore has survived her fall, but the question remains whether Arsen will kill her or keep her captive. In this third book, we find the two grow closer, mostly due to their sexual chemistry. In fact, Fiore’s captivity becomes more muddled, and the two, Arsen and Fiore, struggle to understand their respective connection. Neither of them fully trusts the other, but they are connected to each other in ways that make both of them uncomfortable. Like Control, this book also ends with a cliffhanger, and the reader is left to the fourth book in the series, Cherish, to find out the resolution.

For me, this is the strongest book in the series to date. While Katherine/Fiore is a slave to Arsen/Monster, she has more power over him than previously thought. The more he connects with her sexually, the more she casts a spell over him, and we see their relationship become more complicated. Even more, we find more humanity in Arsen than previously thought. He is still, however, borderline psychotic, but there is a part of the reader who believes he might find some redemption if he simply chooses Fiore to be his “queen.” This is my main reason for reading dark erotica: to read the anti-hero’s redemption. It is never fully realized in the traditional sense of the hero, but it’s exciting and sexy and allows the reader to accept the former “bad boy” (think Meghan March’s Lachlan Mount). Arsen is no different, and I look forward to reading Cherish for more of his change.

Overall, I am enjoying this series and its darkness. This book definitely lightened up quite a bit, but it’s still shadowy beneath the surface. Just when you think Arsen is more human than “monster,” the more you realize he is still very much Katherine’s captor.

Overall:  5 Star Read

In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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