Jayne Frost – ARC Down to You – Sixth Street Bands #5


I have to admit. I had never read anything by Jayne Frost prior to receiving an ARC of this book. I didn’t read the first four books of the Sixth Street Band series. Even more, I don’t typically read the rocker romance. It isn’t that I don’t like it; it just isn’t my first choice of romantic tropes.

Jayne Frost has changed my mind.

Have you ever needed to move beyond a trauma? Has that trauma left you isolated and broken? Those are the questions of Logan and Tori’s story in Down to You. Tori, the widow of Rhenn and former band member in Damaged, is still grieving her husband six years later. She and her friend, Taryn, are managers of bands. Logan is the lead singer of one of the bands they manage, Caged. Both Tori and Logan are victims of trauma, and they make choices in their lives due to those traumas. Additionally, Logan harbors a secret from everyone except his best friend, and that secret oftentimes sets him up for miscommunication and trouble. At the beginning of the story, Logan is arrested for a fight. This causes problems for his band’s impending tour. In order for the band to commence the tour, Tori offers his bond and must accompany him on the tour. From the outset, it appears that the two frustrate each other; there is no love lost between the two. However, Logan helps save Tori from herself and their bond is cemented. Again, how do you move on from your trauma in order to love another? That is the question of this story.

”The logical part of my brain told me to protect my heart. That Logan’s damage and my damage were too much to overcome. There wasn’t enough left of either of us to survive if we crashed to earth. But I wouldn’t think about that now. For a few more hours, we’d simply float.”

The depth of this story is its prize. Yes, it’s a romance with two characters who are seemingly ethereal given their rock star statuses. But ultimately, they are only human. That humanity and their brokenness create a story that reaches into your heart and breaks it just a bit. This romance illustrates the fragility of human nature.

Jayne Frost builds this story with a slow burn between Logan and Tori. They do not instantly jump into bed with each other. Instead, they come to be friends first. They develop an emotional intimacy initially which allows them to eventually become physical. That slow burn isn’t prolonged for too long that the reader becomes frustrated. Instead, it is “just enough” to create an anticipation of the consummation of Logan and Tori’s physical relationship. And when it happens, the reader is ready for it. Cheering them on. Also, these characters are charming together. They were my favorite part of this bigger series because they peeled back layers of themselves for each other and the reader bit by bit, pulling us through their story.

“And in that moment, I felt our connection, the something that bound us beyond lust, love, or attraction. We were the same, he and I.”

I absolutely recommend this book. You will laugh, and sigh, and cry, and hope. This is everything you want in a great romance.

In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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