✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4.5 ⭐️ Review: Lexi Ryan’s Every Chance with You, an Orchid Valley series romance ✍🏻

Overall Grade: 4.5 ⭐️

Tropes: Love triangle; second chance romance; roommates turned lovers; opposites attract

It’s been a while since I’ve dived into Lexi Ryan’s Orchid Valley series. Returning to it was like a breath of fresh hour. To be honest, I’m not a fan of love triangles, and love triangles with half-brothers can be tedious. Lexi Ryan’s Every Chance with You was compelling and deliciously dramatic. Her storytelling in this book engaged me, and it forced me to look beyond a trope that I don’t often like because, in my opinion, she wrote it well. 

The story follows Savannah “Savvy,” Alex, and Oliver. Savvy finds herself in a predicament when her brother uses her savings to place a bet on her boyfriend’s MMA fight. When the boyfriend throws the fight, Savvy finds herself the target of the people her brother owes the money to. Oliver, a student at the college where she attends, who has come to her rescue previously, saves her once again. Realizing that her boyfriend betrayed her, she knows she can no longer live with him. Oliver invites her to stay at his apartment. The only stipulation is she helps him with a project. As Oliver and Savvy live together, they fall deep into attraction, but Oliver makes it clear that he isn’t a relationship guy. When Savvy falls in love with Oliver, and tragedy strikes, Savvy and Oliver split. Eight years later, they find themselves in each other’s orbit. The problem? Savvy had a wild, $exual night with Oliver’s half-brother, Alex. When Savvy sees Oliver again, all of her feelings are still there. Will she choose Alex, or will she and Oliver find their happy ending?

The way that Lexi Ryan balances the storyline, flashing back into Oliver and Savvy’s story, while jumping forward again into her and Alex’s story allows the reader to balance their opinion about the two men. This is how Ryan undermines the typical tension of a love triangle. It’s clear that Savvy and Oliver’s connection is deeper than Savvy and Alex’s, so, when Savvy finally chooses, it’s easy to accept her choice. 

Additionally, more of the Orchid Valley characters are deftly placed in the story to provide Savvy with the support she needs as she traverses the complication of the two men. 

Lastly, I love how Lexi Ryan highlights a message about body image. Savvy’s maturity about her body and eating habits underscores the idea of balance, that working out should not overtake your life with the same message for eating. Her struggles are real, and Ryan’s messaging through Savvy’s journey easily connects with readers’ struggles. 

Lexi Ryan’s Every Chance with You surprised me. I love this series, so I hoped this story would be a solid read. I didn’t intend for it to impress me as it did. Don’t be afraid of the love triangle of this book. I think you’ll be surprised by the balance that Ryan crafts in this newest Orchid Valley story.

In love and romance,

Professor A


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