✍🏻 Devney Perry is returning to Lark Cove. Timeless, a novella, is coming January 10th, and you WANT this story. Preorder your copy of it TODAY! βœπŸ»

by Devney Perry
Coming January 10th

Aubrey Kendrick has dedicated her life to continuing the family legacy. Her time isn’t just money, it’s millions. A workaholic? Yes. According to her ex, she’s married to her job. Is her personal life dull? Maybe. Is her penthouse rather lonely? There’s no time to answer that question.

Too many men have asked her to sacrifice her success to pacify their fragile egos. She’d rather be single than stifled.

Until Landon McClellan strolls into her office and upends her life. He’s as infuriating as he is handsome. He believes spontaneity keeps life interesting and is only happy if he’s rattled her nerves.

Landon is every distraction she cannot afford. But maybe he’s everything she needs.

Preorder your copy TODAY!

Amazon:Β https://geni.us/RHlg
Apple:Β https://geni.us/3rSmPsK
Nook:Β https://geni.us/h097Wqx
Kobo:Β https://geni.us/x6mBzL
Google Play:Β https://geni.us/EHNW9K


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