✍🏻 Andi Burns has saved the best for last. Undeniable is live! Booker and Ian will steal your heart. βœπŸ»

Undeniable by Andi Burns is now live!


Some truths are easy to hide. And some are undeniable.


I follow the rules. It’s what I do. In school, at church, on the ice, and definitely at home. Because if I follow all the rules, and do everything exactly the way I’m supposed to, no one will see everything I’m trying so damn hard to hide. 

But he sees. No matter how good I think I am at playing it cool, at staying under the radar (gaydar?!), Ian sees me. It’s like he understands my head and my heart better than I do. And I can’t risk that. I can’t risk letting him see who I really am and what I really want. 

Because no matter how much I want it, I can’t have it. 

But I can’t escape him, either. All of our friends are coupled up, and he’s the teaching assistant  in my Human Sexuality class. So, the first thing on my to-do list is to drop that class. And the second is stop crushing on the TA. 

Undeniable is a full-length M/M romance with a serious jock, a sexy know-it-all, and lots of steam. It is the fourth and final inter-connected STANDALONE in the Bainbridge University Series and it follows Uncovered, Unknown, and Uninhibited. They are all standalones, but for the best reader experience, they should be read in order. 

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Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3wY3Gtc

Meet Andi Burns

Andi Burns writes contemporary romance infused with humor, sass, and steam. She loves a happily-ever-after as much as her characters do, and she always reads the last page of a book first, just to make sure it all turns out okay. Andi lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, folding laundry, or daydreaming about her next hero and heroine.
Connect with Andi
Website | http://www.andiburns.com
Goodreads | https://bit.ly/39VcWBz
Amazon | https://amzn.to/3ATwmTk
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/andiburnsauthor/
Facebook Group | https://bit.ly/2ZFPXbP
Instagram | https://bit.ly/3uoWyCY
Bookbub | https://bit.ly/3Fh9kZk
Newsletter | https://bit.ly/3mfrsK9


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