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It Takes a Woman, an all new modern marriage of convenience romance from Piper Sheldon, is available now in Kindle Unlimited!  

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Just because she’s getting married doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love.

Unapologetic bombshell Gretchen LaRoe is happy to play matchmaker to everyone else content in knowing she once had true love. When the best friends of the Scorned Women’s Society take it upon themselves to interfere in Gretchen’s love life, they shouldn’t be shocked to learn Gretchen already has a plan of her own. A jaw-dropping plan.

Part-time Green Valley resident and work-a-holic Vincent Debono has been living in a fog since the loss of his wife. With the birth of his great-niece he can’t shake the feeling that he’s ready for change. After a secret kiss with the unforgettable redhead who already plagued his thoughts, Vincent decides to leap into a new adventure.

These two have made a commitment to each other but won’t let their hearts get involved. How hard can it be?

‘It Takes a Woman’ is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #4 in the Scorned Women’s Society series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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I threw my head back and blinked at how good this felt. So good. Like unsettling good …

“Gretchen?” Roxy called with a knock at the door. “Are you in there?”

In between kisses, I managed to call out, “Hi. Yes.”

Vincent wasn’t deterred by my sudden stiffness. He pawed at me like a greedy teenager.

“It’s almost time,” she said louder.

“Uh, coming,” I shouted.

“Not yet, you’re not,” Vincent whispered in my ear as a giant shudder shook my body.

Shocked—and more than a little impressed—I shoved Vincent off me.

“Have you seen Vincent?” Roxy asked. “He told me he’d swing by but I can’t find him.”

The man in question wiped his mouth and seemed to come back to his body with a dazed shake of his head.

“I’ll, uh, help find him,” I said.

“What’re you doing in there?” Roxy’s voice grew suspicious.

“Nothing,” I called.

Vincent came close and whispered in my ear, “Fixing your dress.”

I fought another shudder as I shouted, “Fixin’ my dress. Be right out and I’ll fetch him. I think I saw him head to the kitchen.”

“Thanks. And hurry!” Her footsteps stomped away.

I let out a long breath.

Just what had she interrupted? How far was I about to go? I hadn’t lost control like that in some time.

“Go ahead. I’ll be out right behind you.” He tugged at his pants. I raised an eyebrow, again, more than a little impressed. “I need a minute.”

“Okay.” I hesitated. How did one handle a hookup like this? Did I want this to continue? Nah. There was no point. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah, see ya.” He didn’t look up but there was tension in his shoulders.

That had been weird. A little more intense than I would have liked.

I shook my head, fixing my dress and headed back toward the group.

Oh well. All’s well that ends well.

Glad I got that out of my system. No need to ever think about that kiss or Vincent Debono ever again.  

About Piper Sheldon

Piper Sheldon writes Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance. Her books are a little funny, a lotta romantic, and with just a little twist of something more. She lives with her husband, toddler, and two needy dogs at home in the desert Southwest. She finds writing bios in the third person an extreme sport of awkwardness.

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