✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4.5 ⭐️ Review: Piper Sheldon’s It Takes A Woman, a Scorned Women’s Society and SmartyPants Romance story ✍🏻

Overall Grade: 4.5 ⭐️

Who knew? Obviously, Gretchen has been the savior of the women in Piper Sheldon’s Scorned Women Society romances. She’s been bold, insightful, a bit quirky, and protective of her fellow scorned women sisters. So it’s no surprise that her story, It Takes a Woman, would proffer up a story worthy of her. But who would have guessed that the seemingly cross/serious Vincent Debono would be handsome and a cinnamon roll hero who steals your heart in Piper Sheldon’s newest book? 

I have loved most of the Scorned Women’s Society series books by Sheldon. The first two captivated me as Sheldon crafted stories that mimicked favorite musicals. However, I wasn’t bowled over by Roxy and Sanders’s and Skip and Jack’s stories in the last two books. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed them. I liked them, but they didn’t have the same emotional pull, for this reader, as the first two books of this series. 

And then Sheldon gifts us with Gretchen and Vincent, and she’s ended this series on heart-string pulls and tears. 

Gretchen and Vincent are special because they’ve loved before. Deeply and abundantly. And they’ve endured loss. In the shadow of loss, they’ve lived their lives for others but not for themselves, believing they don’t need love again because it’s already previously visited them. However, Cupid hits hard with their marriage of convenience story, and the depth of love they find between each other makes you weep. Vincent is seemingly serious, hiding behind an emotional wall to protect his broken heart. However, Gretchen breaks it down. Similarly, Gretchen hides behind her care for others, her insertion into the gossip of Green Valley, and her friends. Just as Gretchen obliterates Vincent’s walls, he does the same for her. 

The simple and best part of It Takes A Woman is Vincent and Gretchen’s eventual realization that they can find love again. Their developing chemistry and their slow devolvement into love make for a story that grips your soul, and I think it’s the best story of this series, hands down. I’m really sure what I’ll do without the gorgeous covers of this series…

In love and romance,

Professor A


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