✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4.5 ⭐️ Review: Elizabeth SaFleur’s It Was All the Pie’s Fault ✍🏻

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Overall Grade: 4.5 ⭐️

I love a surprise from an author. After reading several emotion-heavy, BDSM stories on Elizabeth SaFleur’s booklist, having the opportunity to read a rom-com from her is refreshing and absolutely a shock. Her newest story, It Was All the Pie’s Fault, has all the qualities I love in a rom-com. An erstwhile heroine who is quite a bit short-sighted. In this story, her heroine, Chloe, is downright blind in her interest in a colleague. Thinking he is her soulmate, she fails to notice his flaws. Enter SaFleur’s hero, Nick. The foil to Chloe, Nick and Chloe have instant chemistry much to Chloe’s shock and disdain. Over and over again, Nick and Chloe meet, and their attraction grows while Chloe’s interest in her “soulmate” wanes. All of this is underscored by Chloe’s magical pies, pies that grant wishes for their consumers. With Chloe’s naivete and Nick’s charm, Elizabeth SaFleur’s story made for a delicious read. From Chloe and Nick’s banter to Chloe’s blinding commitment to a plan that will fail her to a pseudo-hero in Russell, the jerk of this story, to a message about prejudgment based on appearances to the surprise that Nick can fall in love much to his chagrin, I adored this story. It isn’t doing anything new, necessarily, but it’s the type of reading that you can lose yourself in for a day when the pressures of life threaten to get you down. That it comes from Elizabeth SaFleur who already grabs my attention is an even bigger treat. If you love small-town romance with an independent but misguided heroine, a hero who is all kinds of alpha but a bit of a player…at least until he meets the heroine, and some magical pies, then you will enjoy the pages of It Was All the Pie’s Fault. 

In love and romance,

Professor A


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