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Skip has one goal: retrieve his romantically reckless best friend from Green Valley, Tennessee and get back to their normal life. Then Skip meets Jack. The handsome and caring stranger is just another distraction from his careful plans. 

Jack has dealt with more than his fair share of troubled men and is done with letting his guard down. When he meets walking red flag, Skip, he knows he should run the opposite direction and ignore their chaotic attraction.  

Only, fate seems to have other plans when they are stuck on a camping trip together. Jack and Skip are convinced they can put their attraction aside and focus on helping their friends. 

One quick trip, one shared tent, what could possibly go wrong? 

β€˜Hopelessly Devoted’ is a contemporary romance novella and can be read as a standalone. Book #3.5 in the Scorned Women’s Society series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe. 

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β€œStop looking at me like that.” His intimidating grumble was lost on his fuzzy bedhead.

β€œLike what?”

β€œLike you think I’m adorable.”

I shrugged innocently.

He was adorable. I didn’t want to think about how nice it felt to have him drowsing on my shoulder. I wouldn’t let myself think about that. Nope.

β€œI didn’t sleep well,” he said.

Another bump caused his phone to fall to the floor. As he bent to pick it up, some cards in his back pocket slid out. I grabbed them and quickly examined the notes.

β€œWhat are these?” I asked as I read.

Some were just bullet points that said things like β€œBuild a fire” or β€œsimple trap.” Another had the list of all the guys on the bus. He had prepped for this trip.

β€œNothing.” He reached to snag the cards from me but I pulled them away from him, blocking him with one arm as I read.

β€œYou did research,” I said and then titled my head to read, β€œWhy is this one about dabbing crossed out?”

He shook his head, his cheeks were bright red.

β€œYou looked up all the kids coming?” I looked at him now that he stopped struggling.

He looked around and whispered, β€œFord gave me the roster. I thought I should at least know their names.”

Despite my very logical mathematician brain, my heart pitter-pattered dangerously in my chest.

β€œYou’re doing it again,” he grumbled.


β€œLooking at me like I’m a fluffy bunny you want to take home and feed carrots to.”

My cough of laughter surprised us both. He smiled at his clenched hands.

β€œThis is very thoughtful,” I said earnestly.

He scratched the back of his neck and shrugged. Every time he did that, I considered it an invitation to check out his body.

β€œIt’s important to me that I don’t mess this up,” he whispered.

 β€œYou won’t. Just the fact that you made any effort at all means something.”

About Piper Sheldon

Piper Sheldon writes Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance. Her books are a little funny, a lotta romantic, and with just a little twist of something more. She lives with her husband, toddler, and two needy dogs at home in the desert Southwest. She finds writing bios in the third person an extreme sport of awkwardness.

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