✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4.5 ⭐️ Review: Rebecca Jenshak’s Broken Hearts, the next book of the Campus Nights’ series ✍🏻

“That’s just what it’s like with Sienna. She makes bad days better. She makes everything better.”

Overall Grade: 4.5 ⭐️

If you’ve been reading Rebecca Jenshak’s Campus Nights’s stories, then you are familiar with Rhett, Adam and Heath’s roommate who has struggled with his relationship with his long-distance girlfriend. No one seems to like her except Rhett, and it causes some issues with the chemistry of the apartment. Not a lot of issues, but going into Broken Hearts, Rhett’s story, you’re ready for him to find the woman who truly fits him. 

We meet the heroine of Jenshak’s story quickly. Sienna is a figure skater who attends Valley U. Like Rhett, she’s in her final year at Valley, and she’s unsure where her life will take her after graduation. She will no longer skate competitively, she isn’t sure what she really wants to do with her life, and working for the same company as her father doesn’t interest her. 

One day, wanting some alone time on the ice, she stays behind after practice, only to be met with Rhett, who also is looking for peace. When they decide to share the ice, everything is going well until two of Rhett’s teammates show up. Even though they are louder than she would prefer, she decides to ignore them…until she can’t because Rhett accidentally runs into her and knocks her down. It is there when Rhett and Sienna’s story begins. As both of them traverse their busy schedules and various meetings, they begin to grow feelings for each other. However, tragedy strikes and almost derails their journey. 

As is the case with other Rebecca Jenshak stories, Rhett in Broken Hearts falls hard for Sienna. There is an ease to their relationship that you don’t find in the earlier books with his long-distance girlfriend. For Rhett to find Sienna and grow almost instantly attached to her, you can’t help but love his character in this story. There are eventual complications, ones I don’t want to divulge here, but the trend of Jenshak’s hero and heroine spending much of the story together continues in this book. They are sweet together, and their story touches your heart. 

Rebecca Jenshak’s Broken Hearts is a story about finding your true partner and “leaning” into them when times are tough. It’s about becoming vulnerable when you want to run and hide because, in the end, the payoff is greater intimacy and greater love. And that is what you get from Broken Hearts: big love. In fact, I think the epilogue and bonus epilogue might just be the sweetest of the bunch. 

In love and romance,

Professor A

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