✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 5++⭐️ Review: H. Hunting’s Little Lies ✍🏻

Overall Grade: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ++

“You can’t keep out what makes your heart beat in the first place.”

Take any book in Helena Hunting’s Pucked or All In series. Locate the darkest and deepest parts of those books, the places where the hurt exists, but where grace and love reside. Mine that space for the beauty of its depths, and turn that dearth of humor, so prevalent in her books, into a book about soulmates and codependency. It is there where H. Hunting’s newest book, Little Lies, begins. 

If you thought the couples of the Pucked or All In series were madly in love, you haven’t yet met Kodiak Bowman and Lavender Waters. Of her couples, these two have officially taken the trophy of most fated soulmates. Their story isn’t an easy one. Hunting’s Little Lies is a huge flex, an acknowledgment of her giftedness at, not only writing stories that make you laugh until your stomach hurts, but her adeptness at writing stories that feel as though someone has wrapped their fist around your heart and squeezed it to its depths. 

“You can start by erasing all the little lies with truths.”

There is an underlying psychology to Little Lies. That psychology breathes depth into a story that is mostly serious but still has the markings of Hunting’s humor. You know that if Violet and her mother are here, then there is sure to be inappropriate moments. What you realize quickly is that Lavender has shades of her mother in her. If you believe that Little Lies is solely serious, it isn’t. The parts of Hunting’s persona as a writer of rom-coms still exists, and she has placed these moments in Little Lies when you need them the most. For the first half of the book, my heart beat out of chest, and my stomach felt like it was in my throat as Kodiak and Lavender circle each other and as their early days are revealed. It isn’t an easy read emotionally, but the payoff for the dissension, for the outright ugliness of the first part of the book, is a second part that is so beautifully carved that it makes the first part worth it. That’s the reward of Little Lies. And anyone daring enough to endure Hunting’s take on the second generation of Pucked and All In characters is gifted the genius of Hunting. This book feels fresh for her, especially in its complexity of spirit. 

I won’t reveal any story here. The blurb and the teases on Hunting’s Facebook page are enough to pique your curiosity. This book holds secrets. It also holds the treasure of glimpsing the next level of play for this universe. I am hoping and praying that there are more stories to come as Hunting teases you throughout this book of the potential for more. But you should know that this book is a prose dream. Hunting’s words in this book touch you. They bleed out the depth and gravity of this book’s topics and its characters. If you could see my book, you’d see pages of highlights because Hunting’s words are delectable and heavy. 

“[]ex with Lavender isn’t just physical; it’s every part of me and every part of her fusing into one.“

H. Hunting’s Little Lies is not what I expected from her, but exactly what I needed. It’s thoughtful, emotional, challenging, and a treasure. If you are a fan, you will absolutely adore this book as I have. If you have never read Helena Hunting, you can start here. It’s a true standalone within the realm of new adult romance. However, to truly understand the significance of this book and its place in the Helena Hunting universe,  you should read her Pucked and All In series first. And trust me, you will never regret that journey as you will NOT regret reading Little Lies

In love and romance, 

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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