✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4 ⭐️ Review: Emma Hart’s Kiss Me Again ✍🏻

Overall Grade: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Emma Hart has taken my heart hostage with her Kiss Me series. First, she gave us Halley and Preston’s romance, then she released Reagan and Noah’s, and her third book, Kiss Me Again is the story of the third bestie, Ava, and Ethan, Ava’s brother Leo’s best friend. Ava has been attracted to Ethan for many years; however, it tends to be a love-hate type of attraction. Leo and Ethan have lived away from their small town, but they’ve decided to move back. Leo suggests that Ethan move in with Ava because she needs a roommate, and it seems like an easy fix. Except that these two can’t seem to stand each other. At least, that is what it seems. What we find through the course of their passive-aggressive pranks, cute little hedgehog moments, and the topsy-turvy storyline is Ava and Ethan actually like each other…A LOT. Unfortunately, there is a brother to consider, and it’s uncertain whether these two will survive being roommates. 

There are three things you can guarantee about an Emma Hart rom-com:

  1. Quirks. Her characters are quirky. They have strange pet animals, ways of viewing love and life, odd friend groups, etc. When you read her romances, you have to account for those quirks. Some readers might think it’s strange. I simply see it as an Emma Hart romantic trait, and I laugh. If quirky isn’t your thing, then you will probably struggle with a Hart romance. And Ava’s story is no different. She’s a wacko, quite frankly. She takes everything a bit too far, and she has the strangest fears (like cute little hedgehogs). She’s funny, but she’s quirky.
  2. Everybody gets a happy ending. The strife in a Hart rom-com isn’t heavy. There may be a section of pseudo-angst that makes the reader uncomfortable, but it tends to be resolved easily. This means that much of the storyline is awkward fun. The hero and heroine fall in love in their own way, and they beat feet to the bedroom to consummate their attraction. Then, they fall in love and live happily-ever-after. In the Kiss Me series, the happy endings don’t come with marriage and babies, at least until the end of this book, Kiss Me Again. We get a bit more in the ending than we do in the first two books in the series, so, if you read the first two, then you will get more of Halley and Reagan’s stories at the end of Ava’s. 
  3. Animals. At least in this series, Emma Hart treated us to interesting pet animals. In Kiss Me Not, crazy raccoons take over the story. In fact, they show up in Kiss Me Tonight and Kiss Me Again. Boris the raccoon is alive and well in all the stories. In Kiss Me Tonight, Noah’s pet chihuahua seems innocuous until he begins eating everyone’s underwear. Then, he becomes this strange part of the story. In Kiss Me Again, Ethan, Ava’s paramour, has a pet hedgehog, Mr. Prickles. He’s cute, even though he loves to use Ava’s shoes as his personal restroom. Mr. Prickles plays a part in the crazy story-telling of this book, but he’s not out of control Boris or an underwear-stealing dog. Animal antics seem part and parcel in an Emma Hart romance.

If you love weird, funny rom-com, then you should read Kiss Me Again. There are moments when I became frustrated with Ava’s dramatics. It seemed too over the top at times, and the pacing of Ethan and Ava’s eventual bedroom antics feels rushed. I would have liked more of the romance to develop versus the love-hate antics, but this, again, is an Emma Hart romance. That tension is standard in her story-telling. For me, the ending is the best part of this story. It ends exactly as I imagined it would, and I think Emma Hart readers will be happy with Kiss Me Again’s finality.

In love and romance,

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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