✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4 1/2 ⭐️ Review: Siobhan Davis’s Sweet Retribution ✍🏻

Overall Grade: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

Sweet Retribution is the final book of the Abby and Kai travail. Siobhan Davis has promised Jackson, Sawyer, and Charlie’s stories, so the Rydeville Elite group will be back. And Siobhan Davis didn’t disappoint with this final book. 

I’ve been along for the Rydeville Elite ride, and it has been a bumpy one. Don’t get me wrong. I love a bully romance. The way in which the bully falls hard for his victim is the epitome of a love that transforms. However, Siobhan Davis’s bully romance is downright abusive at times. These books do come with a trigger warning, and you should heed it because abuse is rampant in this book. Rydeville is a hard world. The Elite run the town, and the men of the Elite are some of the worst human beings you will read in romance. They traffick women, abuse young girls and boys, and kill and maim people at will. If these are difficult topics for you, you will want to think twice about this book. 

Of the three books, Sweet Retribution is my favorite. In this book, the strife over Kai and Abby is resolved. Yes, they struggle to be together, but Kai’s bullish ways of the first two books and Abby’s constant pushing back against Kai are a thing of the past. These two will have their happily-ever-after together, but they will need to endure the abusive nature of the elite first, specifically Abby’s father, before they get there. 

This book has so many twists and turns that you’ll want to buckle yourself in. Davis easily guides us through them, but she definitely throws everything at Abby and Kai in this story. Generally, everyone except their small group is working against them, and it’s a rush against the clock to beat Michael Hearst and the Elite. It will make your heart pound, and you’ll worry that their plan will be found out. That’s the point here: to get your blood moving whether by the tense action of the story or Kai and Abby’s bedroom antics. 

Additionally, Davis saves a big surprise for this book. I’m sure some readers will figure it out, but it’s simply another layer that Davis adds to this romance. 

Ultimately, if you have been following this trilogy, you will be happy in the end. Everything works out as it should, and Abby and Kai get their happily-ever-after. I’m thankful that, after all of the abuse heaped on Abby, she finds healing in the arms of Kai. She is one character who has endured some of the worst moments in these stories, and Siobhan Davis rewards her well. 

If you are a glutton for a story that tears at your heart, then you’ll want to read Siobhan Davis’s trilogy, but especially Sweet Retribution. I still think this could have been written into a duet, but again, I’m not a novel writer. Davis clearly intended to make a statement of love overcoming hate. And she did that gloriously.

In love and romance, 

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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