✍🏼Professor Romance’s 5 ⭐Review: Elizabeth SaFleur’s Invincible ✍🏼

Overall Rating:⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
I need to begin this review with my reality about the Elite Dom series: I love Alexander Rockingham. I have loved him since the first book in this series, Elite. He is a Dom’s Dom, but he brings a sensibility to the lives of his “subs.” And I mean “sub” loosely here, as his tribunal, while populated with doms, seeks him out for reassurance. Each book in the series, leading up to this last book, Invincible, finds an “in-control” wise Alexander. Until this book. Here, we finally “see” the true Alexander, and it is a deeply moving character study in the influence of the past and the pain of heartbreak. 
Invincible would be a word that most could associate with the character of Alexander Rockingham. He’s stalwart, wise, and demanding, especially as a dom. At any time in any of the first books of this series, you believe that Alexander will “save the day” or bring a clarity to the life of his friends. Yet, this book finds him undone, and it’s glorious. 
In this book, we realize quickly that the always serious, always thoughtful, and always wise Alexander is broken. That smooth, concise exterior is a front to walls created against pain. What we know from the early books of the series is that Alexander has endured loss, and his past informs the choices of his future. We don’t know the specifics of the loss or its palpable influence in his life. Invincible provides the magnifying glass to Alexander’s soul. 
Elizabeth SaFleur crafts this story so beautifully that, from its title to its ending, we feel the profound influence that close-minded people can have on the lives of others. Her words paint pictures for her readers. This is the essence of this book. Yes, Alexander is seemingly “invincible” as he has had to navigate his life away from the people he loved in the wake of his broken dream for their future. This makes him susceptible to living in his past, and his story illustrates the trouble with this. In not letting go of that pain, he inadvertently stagnates himself. He misses the treasure of people, the pain of others, and the need to let go because he remains trapped in his pain. SaFleur uses the characters of Rebecca and Eric to show us Alexander’s vulnerability, that he isn’t the precise, imperious dom of the first book,that he isn’t really invincible. Even more, SaFleur is reminding us, her readers, that we have to move on, forgive, or we miss out on the blessings in front of us. This message is the true essence of SaFleur’s romance.
It was during this lesson that I went from adoring Alexander to becoming frustrated with him. This is a menage book. Since he is so dynamic, men and women alike want to fall at his feet. Eric is one of them. He has adored Alexander from afar, wanting his approval and interest. For much of this story, Alexander misses Eric’s treasure, his love for him. Rebecca, the third of their triad, has to take huge actions to help Alexander see beyond the misfortunes of his past, so that he can have a bountiful future. As Alexander works this out, I found myself yelling at him in the book. He was so blind, yet this angst, this frustration, is SaFleur’s genius in this story. Moving her readers with a character like Alexander who is the epitome of wisdom makes you feel more than you might if he acted like typical Alexander. It’s my favorite part of this book. 
I began Invincible in love with Alexander Rockingham, and I left it jealous of Eric and Rebecca. This man who seemed the epitome of strength broke my heart and soul just a bit, and then proceeded to mend it.This is definitely the best book of the Elite Doms series, no contest. It’s also a poignant admonition to live life in the present, forgo revenge, forgive, and find love. In order to be truly invincible, one’s heart has to be open to all the possibilities. 
“His whole life had been designed around one thing — to never again feel the kind of loss he’d once been forced to endure. But a great loss can never be overcome,one can only learn to live with it.”

In love and romance,
Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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