✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 5 ⭐️ Review: Meghan March’s Black Sheep ✍🏻

Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of my favorite series of Meghan March’s is her Dirty Billionaire series. There is just something about Creighton Karras. It was exactly what its title promises “dirty.” When Creighton felt betrayed by his best friend, Cannon, I was heartbroken for him because their friendship was everything he needed…until he didn’t. 

Now, Meghan March has written Cannon’s story: Black Sheep. And it is a dreamy spectacle of mafia, romance, and intrigue. 


This story follows Cannon Freeman and his heroine, Drew Carson. Drew is working undercover to discover her father’s murderer. She intends to find out damning information about Dom Cassio and Cannon, Dom’s illegitimate son, as a way for them to finally be brought to justice for the crimes of their mafia syndicate. She goes undercover as a server in Cannon’s bar/restaurant that serves the “top ten percent” male society in New York. In working undercover, she is hoping to discover the evidence she needs to bring about justice. Little does she know that she would be instantly attracted to the dominant, handsome Cannon Freeman. Her attraction wreaks havoc with her plan. Will she make it out of her undercover assignment alive? 

Underlying this story is a story of needing acceptance, along with a mafia storyline. Cannon’s own situation is precarious at best. As the illegitimate son of Dom, there is an unspoken promise that the leadership of the Casso family will fall to him. However, this isn’t an aspiration of Cannon’s; instead, he fights daily to keep his head. Additionally, he mourns the death of his mother and feels that hole in his life daily, while also mourning the loss of his friendship with Creighton. His individual story is as much an important part of this romance as his developing relationship with Drew. 


Like his half-brother, Creighton, Cannon is a complicated hero. At first glance, he is the type of hero who readers fall in love with easily: he’s gorgeous, well-endowed, completely in control in the bedroom and in the workplace, and he loves to save people, especially women. Beyond that, though, Cannon is complicated. For one, he carries a heavy past, and this past, while seemingly resolved, still haunts his present. He lives life in the shadow of his father as Dom has never actually claimed him as his own. Living in that shadow taints his existence and turns his story into one that is more complicated than the average hero. 

Even more, Cannon is a true romantic. He romanticizes the past. From the stories of his mother through the relics of his home, Cannon appreciates the things that have been cast-off. In buying buildings to protect his neighbor to buying antiques from flea markets, he cherishes other’s “junk.” You can’t help but see how March is playing with the idea of Cannon cherishing castoffs as he embodies that in the story. March has written him so well that, for me, he is THE best part of Black Sheep

Now, Drew (she actually goes by a different name, but I’m not revealing it in this review) is like many of March’s other heroines: strong, willful, charming, and beautiful. Her investigation is clearly the impetus for the storyline of this book. She pushes and intrigues Cannon in ways that no other woman could before. However, she may also be his downfall, as his intuition about her is challenged and betrayed. She is everything you love in a heroine, but she is also reckless. 

Together, these two are perfect; they compliment each other beautifully, but, as is the case with most March Hs and hs…nothing is ever easy for them. If you are looking for resolution in this book or the end of their story, well, it isn’t there. In fact, March leaves us on a HUGE cliffhanger which should be no shock if you’ve read her other books. 

If you love deep, complex heroes, ones that make you swoon because they are demonstrably complicated, then you will love Cannon’s story, Black Sheep. He is my current book boyfriend du jour. I’m hoping for two things in White Knight, the second book of this duet: (1) reconciliation with Creighton (it’s about time) and (2) Cannon’s time in the sun with Dom. As far as I’m concerned, Drew and Cannon will get their happy ending; it’s Cannon who needs his resolution. Black Sheep is the quintessential Meghan March book, filled with a delicious hero, a determined heroine, and a driving story that keeps you hooked from the first page. 

In love and romance, 

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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