✍🏻 I’m So Excited for this Cover. Jolie Vines’s Picture This, the 4th book in her Marry the Scot series. Wasp’s Story is Coming, August 8th ✍🏻

Title: Picture This (Marry the Scot, #4)

Author: Jolie Vines

Launch date: Thurs, Aug 8th

Buy link: mybook.to/PictureThisMtS

Series: All are standalone but feature the McRae family throughout
Preorder special price of 2.99

The only man she loves is the one she can’t have.

Taylor has lived with threats and blackmail her entire life. Either she behaves like the perfect, dutiful daughter or gives up her most desperate wish. With her father’s election on the horizon, the pressure is on to appear as the all-American family, including her marrying the son of the next president. Her final month of freedom could be her last chance of happiness.

Wasp has worked hard, building his name as a photographer, but he’s never forgotten the woman who first stole his heart. At a red-carpet photo shoot, his heart races when he sees Taylor. No way does he expect her to be naked in his room within the hour. 

One hot kiss leads to an indecent proposal and a cross-European bucket list tour. But Wasp is no longer the boy Taylor once knew. The clock might be ticking, but her hot Scot has his own plans. Even if he has to choose between love and his career.

The heat between them is enough to set the world alight, or burn everything they care about.

If you adore second chance love stories with sensuous chemistry and a gorgeous backdrop, Picture This is perfect to sweep you away.

Buy this romance filled with heat and heart today.


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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