✍🏻 Professor Romance’s 4 ⭐️ Review: Emily Goodwin’s Fight Dirty

Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who doesn’t love a second chance romance? For me, I love the “push and pull” of the H and h’s feelings as they try to deny that feelings still exist. In Emily Goodwin’s newest Dawson Family book series, Fight Dirty is just that: a second chance for Owen and Charlie. It’s a story of finding love again when you so desperately want to let it go because it’s initial pain is too great to bear. 

Charlie and Owen were high school/college sweethearts. They fell in love easily, and their passion was deep. Unfortunately, after college, Owen cannot commit to Charlie, and he walks away from their relationship, breaking Charlie’s heart. Charlie goes on to law school, finds a new love, and seems to have moved on. Until she finds her fiance has been cheating on her. This causes her to make changes: one of which entails moving back home from New York. In doing so, this puts her right in Owen’s path, and he has decided that she will be his again. Will Owen win Charlie back? Will they find their happy ending?

Owen has been a fixture in Emily Goodwin’s other Dawson Family books. Always the playboy, no one in the family believes he will ever settle down. He seems stuck on the path of no commitment. However, we find out pretty quickly that this has more to do with letting go of the love of his life. It’s a realization for the reader that Owen’s carefree attitude about women is really a defense mechanism for his bleeding heart. This is what makes Owen loveable. There are definitely times in the story when you want to give him a good smack because he acts so arrogant with Charlie. Quite frankly, I would have liked for him to grovel a bit more. Instead, Owen’s bravado can be a bit much at times. At least if I was Charlie, I would think so. 

Charlie is a dream. She’s also every woman who has ever been spurned by a man (in this case, two). I love that she places herself on the path of self-awareness in going home. Yes, it could be perceived that she is “licking her wounds” from her broken engagement. Yet, she quickly realizes finding out about her fiance is more a blessing than a curse. If anything, I would have liked for Charlie to be more stubborn with Owen. I hated that she was so instantly attracted to him again. This is a man who could not commit to her initially, and I’d like to think that she would make him work for it more. Instead, she falls easily into some old patterns. 

That being said, I absolutely loved these two together. Each makes the other one better, and I did love that Owen sought to woo Charlie. Even though she felt an insta-attraction to him, he did take baby steps to win her over. This lead to some great foreplay and passion building in the story. It’s what drove it forward. 

I have quickly fallen in love with Emily Goodwin’s Dawson Family books. I love the crossovers of the characters and the continued story of past couples. I do think that Goodwin could edit out some of the day-to-day details of her characters. Yet, I will definitely continue to read books like her Fight Dirty. This is a family you don’t want to say good-bye to too easily.

In love and romance, 

Professor A


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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