✍🏻 5 – Star Review: Max Monroe’s The Billionaire Boss Next Door ✍🏻

I’m just going to state this here. If Max Monroe write a rom-com book, I’m reading it. No questions asked. No dilemmas. No trepidation. I’m one-clicking it and gobbling it up.

Why, you might ask?

They are queens of the rom-com (romantic comedy for those of you who aren’t “in” with the romance lingo). The reasons are indefatigable as to this crown. Using their most current release as the evidence of their queendom, I’ll elaborate on why you should be reading their books, especially The Billionaire Boss Next Door:

**These ladies know how to write dialogue. As I was reading their newest book, I found myself thinking over and over again…how do they do this? How do they write such witty, laugh-out-loud dialogue? Whether you are reading their Billionaire Bad Boys series, The Mavericks’ series, the Jerk Duet, or this newest offering, you are guaranteed side-splitting dialogue. In this book, most of those words come from the mouth of the heroine, Greer (she has the best name, by the way). Over and over again in this book, you will read the genius of Max Monroe’s words and wonder, like I do, how do they do it. Here are just a few samples of their brilliance:

Greer: “If this space is a womb, I’m smack-dab in the center of Satan’s uterus.”


Greer: “My milk shake brings all the boys to the tyranny. Go figure.”

I could provide you with so many other examples, but (1) Amazon might not accept this review due to their strict censorship guidelines and (2) I want you to read the book and find your own favorite lines. Again, this is a strong reason why you should be reading Max Monroe, specifically The Billionaire Boss Next Door. You may, however, need to wear a Depends diaper as you pee your pants at their humor.

**Secondly, everyone knows that the characters are EVERYTHING in a Max Monroe book, and TBBND is no exception. It isn’t just Greer and Trent, the h and H of this book. It is also the ancillary characters who charm you. As they have done previously, the predominant voices are Trent and Greer. However their friends also receive chapters in this book, allowing us other seats in observation of the main characters. Even more, Cap and Emory are laugh out loud hilarious (Cap is on par with Thatch from the Billionaire Bad Boys series). Even more reason to read it for the way it allows you to escape life for a little bit.

This is an enemies-to-lovers tale. From the outset, Trent and Greer are attracted to each other, but their initial perceptions of each other are mistaken. As such they don’t particularly like each other at first. However, everyone else, including their friends Cap, Emory, and Quince, see the potential. Thankfully, Trent and Greer’s attraction and subsequent working relationship allow them to see more of each other’s characters beyond the initial judgment, and the story changes. What we come to know about these characters is that Trent’s gruffness comes from living in the shadow of his father, and he wants to break way from it, finding his own space in the family business. He wants to be “seen” and accepted by his father. Living in that shadow takes a toll on him, and he struggles to find himself. Greer’s difficulty is worry over failure. Her design business is in trouble, and she needs the job with Trent’s family business. Her worry about failure and her natural pessimistic worldview hold her back from really engaging in life. Trent and Greer are two people who are stuck. They need to move forward, but they need to get out of their way to do so, which they do, once they acknowledge their interest in each other.

When they finally accept their attraction to each other, two things happen. Trent blossoms. He becomes a better version of himself in his ability to accept and love Greer as her self. He becomes less grumpy and learns humility through Greer’s encouragement. And Greer blossoms on the job, helping Trent begin to build his legacy. Like any supportive relationship, these characters bring out the best in each other, and it’s the beauty of this story, this book. It’s the encouragement we need, as the readers, to seek our own happiness. To be honest, Trent and Greer are opposites, and it should be a struggle to read them, yet their chemistry is both fiery and sweet. They make each other better. Usually, I like the H or h more than the other; however, in this book, Trent and Greer are a unit, necessary together for the success of this story.

**And the epilogue. I love a “happily-ever-after” like the rest of the romance kingdom, and Max Monroe do that so well with The Billionaire Boss Next Door. I wrote to them on Facebook after finishing the book that there is a moment in the epilogue when I was filled with so much happiness I thought my chest (read this as heart) would burst. Trent proves himself to be the BEST book boyfriend in his admiration and love for Greer, and I can support that. I simply didn’t want the book to end.

I really did love everything about this book. I had intended to read it slowly as I had other ARCs to read plus my professorial duties. However, the moment I began to read this book, I could not put it down because Trent and Greer’s story is special. It will make you laugh; it will make you tear up; and it will make you believe in happy endings. This is the rom-com genius of a Max Monroe book.

In love and romance,

Professor A



I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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