✍🏻 4 Star Review: Logan Chance’s The NewlyFEDS βœπŸ»

Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Special Agent Vin Mills has everything he’s ever wanted. Sweet job. Rock hard abs. An ass you can bounce a coin off of. And a money laundering mob boss who’s about to go down.

The only thing standing in his way is fresh off the desk bombshell in heels, Special Agent Addison Buckley. She’s just destined to screw everything up.

Addison Buckley has one thing she wantsβ€”a promotion. The only thing standing in her way is egotistical and tattooed hottie, Vin Mills. The department wants them to pose as newlyweds and blend with the residents in one of the most prestigious and nosy neighborhoods in Colorado. A few touches, a few kisses, no problem.  

Saying and doing are two different things, and this is one game of espionage these two rivals never bargained for.
Will these NewlyFEDS be able to catch the bad guys, or get caught under cover first?


Logan Chance quickly won me over with his books, Taken, Playboy, Stuck, etc. I was initially drawn to him because I wanted to read a male romance author, and he did not disappoint with his flair for humor, sexiness, and character chemistry.

He does it again with The NewlyFEDS. Addison and Vin are an unlikely pair. For Vin, Addison isn’t necessarily on “his radar” because she blends in. She prefers to avoid attention as life is work. For Addison, Vin is the typical playboy heartbreaker. When she considers him, “eyeroll” would be her go-to motion. When they are paired up to work undercover as newlyweds, the sparks fly. Suddenly, Vin sees Addison, and Addison struggles with her innate attraction Vin. Their fight against the intense attraction is one of the highlights of this book. Watching them fighting their feelings for each other makes for good reading.

“When his hands are on me, when he stares at me the way he does sometimes, it’s hard to think. It’s hard to remember why I’m here in the first place. And honestly, I know of wish it was all true.”

Even more, there are two underlying stories to the enemies-to-lovers, fake marriage tropes. Addison’s background is tragic. She’s lived her life in foster homes, and she missed out on relationships. When she and Vin go undercover, she finds something she never expected: friends. Her growth through the book lends a level of emotion that might not be noticed at first glance.

“And now…I can’t stop focusing on him. He’s all I see, actually.”

Secondly, this movie has a certain level of suspense. It isn’t simply a romance; it has a mystery to solve. If you love police procedural/investigative type stories, then The NewlyFEDS will whet that appetite. It isn’t difficult to solve per se, but it will keep you guessing until the end.

This story has so many great elements: a hero/heroine that you’ll like, an engaging “who-done-it”, some serious chemistry, and the edges of angst. Thankfully, Logan Chance doesn’t keep us suspended in angst-ville. Instead, he gives our couple the future they deserve. And the ending the reader deserves.


I teach students to write for college. I love to read writers who write romance. Why not review and promote the writing of people who love to write romance? Win-win for me

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